CC Duration Gear and the CC Metagame

That would just encourage an even more egregious CC meta and make CC reduction gear mandatory rather than viable.

Even with just 1-2 second durations, CC effects are extremely powerful; it’s not so much the fact that the effects last too long but the fact that the effects occur at all that makes them so powerful: stun, silence, bind, etc. break flow and interrupt abilities.

I wasn’t aware of this but it’s not particularly difficult to address: just stop having CC reduction/resistance affect DoTs like Mellka’s. Problem solved.


Maybe certain skills have a higher chance at not being stopped? Like Deandes Ult where it has a 25% gain automatically, where instead of a 25-50% chance at being nullified it has a 25% with gear?

That’s the second step. The first step is to remind the balance team that Mellka exists.

Yes, I went there. I WENT THERE.


Considering their solution to making Mellka fight closer up was to reduce her health, and they hadn’t fixed eyes everywhere until next week (weird phrasing purposeful), I don’t trust them with her in this case

Hey, c’mon now, that’s unfair. They renamed her least used helix! They’re paying very close attention to her


You know what bugs me? They renamed it because it shared a name with a Benedict skill.

Why didn’t they rename the bird’s skill to freaking Altitude Sickness, huh?

No matter how red my bar, no matter how low my health, no matter how scattered my bullets, I will play this game for as long as I can blast the freaking ■■■■ out of Benedicts. Remember this face.


I guess in their rushed job to fix a “messed up” character they didn’t realize they weren’t exactly original

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I tried that build on Pendles once. I was met with unlimited cc duration instead of reduction. Slows and stuns applied to Pendles became permanent until death…

I love this idea, so im not all into the maths of it all like a lot of people on here but this binary choice would feel good.
maybe with a ‘rejected’ icon that appears when that users item stops it, would stop me losing my mind and think some cheating is going on.

That seems for like a bug and I would 100% report it.

Reyna’s Priority Target is considered a CC too. The only skill she is good for nullified :open_mouth:

She needs some loving too. Plasma Burst on default Please :+1:


Honestly, I know CC reduction is useless right now, but any changes to CC gear will need to have different effects depending on the type of CC, or else it will completely nullify the bonus from weaker CC’s (or worse, make being slowed a BENEFIT,) if it has any real effect on the stronger CC’s.

Damage Reduction on being stunned could work, but if the same effect applies while being slowed or venom’ed, depending on the percentage it will be either far too strong of an effect for being under a small DoT, or far too little DR to matter when you get stunned anyhow.

% resistance could work, though in the case of it being % resist instead of reduction in duration, I think it would work better if when resisted, these efffects became zero second stuns … ie they interrupt active skills but otherwise have no effect. This means you still have SOME effect when you successfully land your stun, even if they resist it, it just won’t make them an easy target, which means the CC reduction is worthwhile defensively.

In the case of Deande’s ult, it would work better if CC reduction were changed to damage reduction while under CC, but if % resistance is easier to do (or more popular) we could instead make her immune once her attacks start (or have a high DR during the effect) so that while someone who RESISTS stun can leave the target area to prevent damage, Deande won’t simply be a sitting duck until the effect ends.

Other hard stuns such as pulls or knock-ups could be similar, but I definitely don’t want CC gear buffed so significantly if they would be applying that same power to venom or slow, especially if we’re talking about changing it to damage resistance on these types of effects.

We would first need to reclassify what types are “hard” cc (imho anything that now causes an interrupt such as a stun or a pull,) vs “soft” CC’s (like slow or venom.) After that, we could happily buff CC gear, or change how it works, as long as it’s not applying the same effect to BOTH types of CC.


I definitely don’t like that, but I always am against anything that implies any kind of RNG during gameplay. Nobody likes someone getting that n% chance of just ignoring whatever you throw at them just because pure luck, or a 12% chance triggering several times in a row. And you know what I’m talking about. You do. looks at Krieg Yes, you!

I would actually venture so far as to give a very small number of hard CCs like Deande’s to actually have the “Cannot Be Resisted” tag. In fact, Deande’s ult is the only one that I can imagine giving that tag to (maybe Alani’s bind too, but that thing sucks now so…).


[quote=“BenHoliday, post:31, topic:1553447, full:true”]We would first need to reclassify what types are “hard” cc (imho anything that now causes an interrupt such as a stun or a pull,) vs “soft” CC’s (like slow or venom.) After that, we could happily buff CC gear, or change how it works, as long as it’s not applying the same effect to BOTH types of CC.

It could also be done based on duration: if the duration of the CC is 2 seconds or less, CC Resistance provides a % based chance of ignoring the effect completely; else, it reduces the duration by the given percent.

I would propose that CC Gear, instead, grant some kind of bonus upon being afflicted with CC. For example, a +120 overshield, or +20% movement speed for X seconds. The important thing is that this bonus would stack if multiple CCs hit quickly; this helps to counter the current meta where an entire team dumps CC on one unlucky BB and mauls him to death instantly.

I have a particularly entertaining image in my head of a Legendary gear that causes a Push effect when affected by CC.


This is more appropriate for legendary gear and, honestly, it gets really hard to balance because each different type of CC is dangerous for different reasons.

Consider the previously mentioned “DR while CCd (and for a few seconds after)” recommendation. It would make slow absolutely horrible because people could just stand next to enemy accelerators and get huge amounts of DR on a permanent basis.

If you want to try and make it so that CC gear provides a different bonus for each different CC, it becomes too complicated since you’re requiring people remember the different effects for every single type of CC effect there is. While it might not mean much to expert players, it will deeply confuse new players (and we really don’t want to do that because it just makes the game less palatable to them).

The pain goes HERE!!!

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I would not prefer for the benefit to change depending on CC; it would be a static bonus granted when affected by any CC. This allows you to tailor it to your character, rather than the enemy team comp (Mellka getting +10% movement speed when hit by CC, for example, would make her a monster to kill). I can see tanks going for shield, or an Attikus / Kelvin choosing +damage bonuses, because they excel at trading punches.

Ultimately, I understand that like LoL this is going to be a game defined by CC - when enemies no longer overextend, you must force them into a position where they are.