-CC Duration needs buff to be viable

I searched, and to my surprise, didn’t find any existing threads with this topic.

-CC Duration is the most useless gear in PVP, which is sad because I think it could be some of the best gear in PVP. The ability to cut Phoebes slow down to 3 seconds and Gali/Ghalts stun down to 1 second would be amazing on squishier characters. Stuns and slows are so prevalent in this game it’s a shame the gear that was suppose to be a counter is not up to par.

I understand it’s a fine line, but I think it should be possible to get up to 50% -CC Duration if you have a major and 2 minors. If you get closer to 75%, I think it’ll be too powerful and everyone will only use that, but I’ve only been able to get up to 25/30% with focusing all gear.

Think this gear needs a buff so it will not just be instantly sold.



Absolutely. 0.48 seconds off of a 2 second stun is never worth it.


Yeah, I went on a rant about this the other day in chat…

The percentages just don’t make it worthwhile… even a legendary -cc item is at most going to give you like %14 reduction… on a 2 second stun that’s nothing, you’re still going to die in a 1.7 sec stun.

And the problem is, that it only does ANYTHING during the handful of times during the game when you’re eating CC… and as far as I can tell it does nothing for knockups at all.

Even if you “could” stack up to -%75 that would still require you to give up any other perks to get that reduction… so you’d be losing attack efficiency, damage, damage reduction, healing power… something that’s actually useful at all times.

Now, I agree, I’d rather not see it stacked up that high, but IMO there should be no reason not to hit close to %50 on a legendary helmet, even if it means you could stack up to %75. Okay, so you can only get knocked up, and stuns only last .5 seconds now… well, you’re still gonna have to give up a ton of something else to get it.

It’s been mentioned a few places around here, you’re certainly not the only one that feels this way.


I think instead of reducing the duration of CC it should reduce the damage you take while CC’d. 15% reduction in damage would help a lot more than 15% shorter duration


On a related note, the condition “Gain effect after recovering from CC effects” is probably about as difficult to make a good effect and changing the condition to instead be gained while crowd controlled and then have the duration start to run out after the crowd control effect ends would be a lot better too.

Turns out most gear isnt really worth it, how often is 7% CDR doing anything?

Just a reminder on a 20 or so second cd (generally considered a long cd) it removes just over one and a half seconds.

Way too weak. They could easily double it and it still wouldn’t get chosen very often.

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That’s very true, too.

I get that Gear isn’t really supposed to be a game changer but some of it is so useless I’d rather just not have it in the game cluttering the loot pools when there are some items that I could actually use…

we’ve been talking about this, bro. there are some pretty broken gear combinations that we have not yet encountered with teams stacking certain effects. if that stuff is going to be allowed to continue on, then there is no reason why someone shouldnt be able to sacrifice any and all dmg gear, any and all survivability gear, etc. in order to be next to immune to cc. i think it should be possible to stack 3 pieces of epic gear with cc duration up to around 66 pct, and legendary close to 85-90 pct. would completely change the game in a skilled way


Cool down reduction is another I hardly ever use. However, there are some really strong legendaries for CDR

I find heal power to not be useful either on alani i barely notice the difference when im healing and i got 20% my 87 base heal with no osmosis stacks turns to 104 heal which aint that much of a gain

So far players are just taking the following gear

for unique passive
Health gain
Shield gain
Attack speed
Attack damage
Buildable cost

Stats which players refuse to take

Cooldown reduction
Skill damage
Damage reduction
Healing recieved
Crowd control
Heal power
Shield recharge
Shield delay
Health regeneration

This leaves nearly more then half of the gear to be useless which makes buying packs with currency not worth it apart from obtaining unique skins or taunts

The gear system need a change overall for example

Pvp gear should be used in pvp so i suggest making a pvp packs and lockout all pve gear items in pvp and give pvp packs unique perks like the following

Reduce damage taken when disabed
Increase health to nearby minions
Escorting minions yields them a overshield
Escorting minions reduce there damage taken
Etc etc etc etc

These are all random ideas just to show and example of what they can do with the pvp gear it will also balance out the game because currently players are stacking the health legendary to boost all there team health to insane numbers… got wrecked with a 3k hp rath

I use all the gear except for the CC reduction.


It depends on the character, but I have used most of these. Damage reduction, skill damage, heal power, and shield delay are all strong stats imo

Yeah, I’m in agreement here.

Healing recieved and health regen is huge on high-regen front-line characters (like Boldur)

Cooldown reduction is vital on high-cooldown characters that depend on their abilities (like Deande)

Heal power is a must on over-time healers like Miko or Ambra

Shield recharge is cluuuuutch on S&A

Shield delay is situational, but still quite useful, I run a shield and a delay item on mellka, lets you constantly dot someone while coming back with a shield while they’re still ticking

And you don’t use skill damage? Do you not play Orendi???

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Biggest problem we have is not all characters are the same. Alani already has stupid CDR, and Orendi can nullify her Pillar. Imagine if the CDR was even higher? Some characters would be spamming like hell like they did in the CTT. I think in PvP it should just be player v player without any item boosts. Each player has their Helix which is the upgrade. More helix additions could be added?

Personally I think a lot of the items are worthless junk, like others have stated.

Yeah, I think when ranked play comes out gear will be standardized and legendaries at least will be banned. Some of the legendaries in this game are too good when stacked; and the shard cost is honestly not a deterrent, especially on Overgrowth. I can not go for middle shards at all on Thorn and end the game with 7k.

Overgrowth’s plethora of shards is actually one of my biggest issues with the map… every single other map puts much more emphasis on shard management, but on Overgrowth, everyone’s a baller.

Personally I think they could do with about half the shards they currently have, and making the mid shards worth more, back shards worth less.

The worth of cc duration has gone through my head all weekend. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels its not that great.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but a back shard run is going to be worth more than mid right?

Oh, yeah, much more. Back shards are over 700 down long lane, over 500 down short. Fighting for mid-shards is a waste of time currently.