-CC Duration needs buff to be viable

Agree, I don’t use it because any other mod is more useful.

I think what is missing in Battleborn is the typical “PvP trinket” that every MOBA and other games ( including WoW ) already have : that activable item you can use to break CC, maybe become immune to them for like 2 sec. With a cooldown, of course.

I even think it would work remarkably well with the shard system of BB, actually. Another thing to think about. Will you take in your loadout the lowest trinket, which cost close to nothing to activate but doesn’t make you immune, only break CCs ? Will you take the medium one, cc breaker + immunity ? Or the most expensive one which break CC, make you immune for a few more seconds, but also has decreased Cooldown over the two lower versions ?

Yeah that’s probably the answer. Ditch the CC reduction item ( or keep it as secondary ) and make some item you do not activate permanently, but only on demand, multiple rarity, variable cost, that can break CCs.

I’ve only really felt like a health regen it is worthwhile on Eldrid Battleborn to stack with their natural HP regen to have a chance of it feeling significant if you’re careful. And then still I’m a bit uncertain if it’s not just in my head.