Cc explanation and cc on gear

Can someone please explain what c.c is.
I see on gear c.c cooldowns but it hasnt explained it in game…
Help please

c.c. stands for crowd control. it’s an effect such as stun/silence.



gear with say -50% cc duration would make you being stunned only 0.5 seconds instead of 1 second from an enemy skill.


While we’re at it, what is silence ? Does it forbid you to use your skills or something like that, or is it really “silencing” someone and he can’t talk to his teammates …?

It disables abilities.

Thanks ! I didn’t use any silence skill during the beta because I didn’t know what it meant… I should have asked before, it’s kinda useful :smile:

Does silence also interrupt abilities or is that only stun?

I can’t confirm any others but on another thread someone said it will interrupt Rath’s ultimate.

Thanks for your help…not long now

CC reduction reduces how long a stun or a silence or other valid forms of crowd control last. How effective CC reduction is depends on the method of CC and how they calculate the CC reduction. How they calculate the CC reduction likely depends on how much CC reduction we can get total.

There’s two simple ways to calculate CC reduction. One allows for complete immunity to CC and has a hard cap at 100% and the other has diminishing returns on stacking CC reduction and doesn’t require a hard cap.

The first formula would be something along the lines of:
Final CC Duration = Initial CC Duration * (100% - CC reduction)

For example: 3 second stun with 50% CC reduction
3 seconds * (100% - 50%)
3 seconds * (.5)
1.5 seconds

The second formula would be something along the lines of:
Final CC Duration = Initial CC Duration * (100/(100+CC reduction))

For example: 3 second stun with 50% CC reduction
3 seconds * (100/(100+50))
3 seconds * (100/150)
3 seconds * (2/3)
2 seconds

Additionally, one must consider what forms of CC are affected. Things like Montana’s push or Shane & Aurox’s Fetch mutation that just outright stun you for a period of time are simple enough to determine. CC reduction would reduce the time stunned.

Though what happens to slows like Rath’s Cross Slash mod? Is it reduced in duration or slow % or both? What about stuff like knock ups and knock backs? Is the distance reduced?

Then there’s stuff like Thorn’s Blight that can slow enemies it damages, but can damage them multiple times over its duration. Does CC reduction even effect the slow in cases like this?

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Quick question:

How often do we see any of these effects in the PvE experience? I mean, I know there’s the weird little bouncy-ball things that the Henchman shoots at you, that slow you down (Seems to last more than a second). But just how many opportunities are there for one to come under CC effects, and is it (in ANYONE’s opinion) really worth even considering gear that reduces CC duration in PvE?

CC reduction gear is not worth it in any scenario. Max percent I think is -14% CC Duration as a primary stat. Now add that to say, a 1 second stun. It does nothing. Maybe you could try stacking it with a lot of -CC Duration. As a secondary I think its -7%. So at best you’ll get to -28%. (Though Is it stacked like this?)
I’d pick something else. Especially in PvE, most basic enemies don’t have any CC.

Note; I could be wrong about the way CC reduction is calculated. This is just what I’ve read.

Thanks! I kinda suspected as much, but you never know. Better to ask for a more experienced opinion.

For reference, I just bought the retail release last week on the Steam Summer Sale. Played the beta (PS4 & PC) and the CTT (PS4), but decided to let the game wait until it was under $40USD. So I feel quite newb ATM.

Concerning that ‘CC’ is not clearly defined anywhere by the developers, get used to that. Have a peek at Mechwarrior Online if you want to see a more egregious example of letting the community teach itself. It was over three years old before it got any tutorial at all, and even that covers nothing at all about any of the game modes. Battleborn at least does the guided, hand-holding prologue walkthrough to get you started. TL;DR- it could be a LOT worse.

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Well have you ever been in a match where you’re fighting an enemy then all of a sudden the camera zooms out and your character cant move? If so, then your sir have been CC’d!

If you find yourself running away then all of a sudden you take damage and find yourself moving slower as a result? Then that means you’ve been Slowed!

Have you ever found yourself attacking an opponent, you can move freely and swiftly as your reflexes permit it but your skills aren’t activating for some reason? You look at the bottom left of your screen to see that your skills have all been crossed out. That means that you sir yes you, have been Silenced!

Now some pieces of gear have CC reduction. This gear will reduced the time you cant move, are slowed, and silenced by a small amount. Most of the CC reduction on these pieces of gear are percent based. So don’t expect a substantial reduction.

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Yup. Understood. I play mostly story mode right now, and it just doesn’t happen that often. Not really enough to make that helmet gear worth bringing over other stuff that directly improves offense or defense. And really, DPS is the best offense AND defense in PvE 98% of the time.