CC Farming (Friendly Advice)

For anyone who needs CC required challenges complete for lore and such I have found a super easy way to farm it.
Like for instance Pendles required you to use Smoke Bomb while under the Effect of CC 100 times.
Now you could easy go game by game letting thumper turret shoot at you and earn it that way but I found a way to milk that and earn his lore 2x a fast.
Simply look for a bot battle with a bunch of random or so.
Kill the first sentry and use Pendles invisibility to run to the last sentry.
To the left or right of that last sentry should be a fully upgraded accelerator. Simply stand a ways from it and spam your smoke bomb when it cools down. You will basically reset your invisibility for a brief second but it counts towards your lore. (Be sure to keep your distance from the accelerator so your smoke bomb AOE doesn’t damage it)
Since you will be invisible the sentry nor the battleborn bots will attack you. So you just hang there and let your team mates do all the killing while you farm the CC.
It’s cheap and kinda crappy of you to ditch your teammates but hey its bots. Lol

Every meltdown map have 2 accelerators full upgraded 1 in each lane.

And thumper turrets :slight_smile: thats easier imo.


That’s true but you have to problem with your teammates rushing in and destroying the accelerators and/or turrets.
Doing it on incursion one the last sentry basically creates a wall so your teammates won’t ruin it for you. They basically would have to rush and focus on the accelerator or rush when the thrall push in.
To each their own I suppose. :slight_smile:

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Hahaha true!

Won’t name the forum regular who did this with me but here’s how we made it fair.
Have your team with a Kleese, the rifts can replace the napping Pendles.

I did that lore challenge with Pendles on Algorithm at the very start where Ronin bots are, their crossblade attack slows you and it’s pretty easy to farm it if you go below the stairs where a chest is. Stand there, get hit by a crossblade, drop a smoke bomb. Rinse and repeat. I needed about 40 minutes more or less back in the day. These days, when you have -50% cooldowns in missions while you play solo - it should be even quicker.

Gotta dig in my screenshot gallery… Here is that spot if someone is interested:


Also works with the Henchman - of course in PvE you need to de-cloak to get the enemies to attack you, but the reduced cooldown time should make this much easier.