CC's And Abilities (As well as my thoughts on what needs to be fixed)

So since no one seems to read replies on a post before replying to the original topic I thought I’d take a moment to make a new topic with my final thoughts on CC’s affecting your abilities (as well as go over a few other things I’d like to see fixed before the game launches).

For CC’s cancelling your abilities I’ve come to this conclusion:

Aimed abilities(those that you have to press to aim then press to activate) currently can be cancelled and put on full cooldown while aiming. THIS SHOULDN’T HAPPEN. If you are hit by a hard CC during the aiming of an ability the aim should just be cancelled and the ability be good to go as soon as the CC is over. If hit after aiming it should go on cooldown like normal.

Instant Cast abilities if CC’d during these they should go on cooldown.

Channeled abilities or those with generally long wind up times(like Orendi’s ult) I feel should go on a reduced cooldown, say 45 seconds instead of the full minute cooldown, but I would be fine with it if they left it as is.

For this the only thing I feel REALLY NEEDS TO BE FIXED is Aimed abilities going on colldown if CC’d while aiming.

Now that that’s out of the way here are a few things I’d like to see fixed:
-There are way too many small corners and invisible walls for you to get player clipped on
-There are multiple glitches where character models don’t appear in game, so they are invisible the entire match
-There is a glitch with knock ups where you can be launched completely into space
-In Incursion Marquis can snipe the first enemy sentry from his first sentry with no one being able to get to him because he is being protected by said sentry

These are things I would like to see fixed before the game comes out fully. If you have any other issues that you feel should be addressed feel free to post them here. Also for people still wanting certain characters to be nerfed because you don’t like going against them(Galilea), I feel the characters are fairly balanced at this point maybe a few slight adjustments should be made, but no characters I feel should be nerfed anymore. There are a few I would like to see buffed though such as Boulder and Calderus.