Ce-30005-8 error PS4

Since the maliwan takedown, I’ve had this bluescreen crash consistently after the valkyrie squad boss fight, started getting it on my alt amara and alt zane who I power levelled on slaughter shaft. Decided to try again with a fresh zane and it did it again straight after picking up grenade mod from lillith. Anyone have an idea what’s going on?

Regular PS4 or PS4 Pro?

Pro not even a year old, doesn’t seem to have issue with any other games than BL3

Unfortunately, a lot of PS4 Pro players are having the exact same issue. Other than submitting a support ticket so that the team have a better idea of the number of players affected, and toggling to performance mode (if you haven’t tried that already) I’m not sure what to suggest - I’m not aware of any work-around at this point in time.

Tickets already submitted, no response which is no surprise

I get one the same on a normal ps4 after about 18 consecutive rounds of slaughtershaft, and the odd time when pumpkins were flying by on the main menu

2K Support seem to be pretty backlogged atm - I had a ticket in to report a bug and it did take quite a while to get a response.

I thought the error code looked familiar so I checked it:

So basically the game crashed during a file read - a bit too generic to be terribly helpful, unfortunately.

Started on the 21st November, what’s worse is its not as though I can go offline and reinstall it, ascertain whether it’s the ■■■■■■ patches as I bought digital

Not sure what the issue is. A number of folks on XB1X have been having similar issues since launch, and there’s been a steady up-tick in reports on the forums on PS4Pro, especially for those with a Firecuda drive. Something is obviously choking the game, but it seems to be triggered differently on different hardware.

No reply on the ticket, but I had a little rant on twitter and got BS reply about reintializing Pro. More likely to delete poxy game and move on

Wiped ps4, downloaded software off USB, reinstalled game. Bluescreened as soon as I tried to start a new character.

I play on a ps4 pro in performance mode as well, I get this same error code consistently, I’ve noticed that it happens most though when there are to many particle effects on screen at once, for example I play cryo rakk Fl4k, I mainly use a cryo lucians call and when the guns starts ricocheting its rounds and barrels explode and grenade effects from my hex are active and then damage number ticks are all on screen at the same time the game crashes and I get this error.

You may be able to reduce the incidence of this error by turning off the social notifications in the in-game Social menu (these are the BL3 ones that tell you what your friends are doing while you’re playing, not PSN notifications like friend requests).

I’ll give it a shot tomorrow after work, I’ll update to see of it helped or not

This is one heck of a dinosaur post…but I’ve been having the same issue since May 13th hotfix. It started a few hours after the hotfix was released. I’d get a hotfix applied sign when starting the game, if I was to wait for a minute in menu the sign would just disappear. Or if I was to go in the game as soon as hotfix applied, it would not apply. I contacted 2k they told me to clear cache(since it’s their solution to every problem) and it did nothing - no surprises there. So they told me to delete and reinstall the game, which I did. Except now I cant even start the game because of error CE30005-8. I reinstalled it 3 times already with the same result, the only difference I’ve noticed was every time version 1.23 had different size ranging from 270mb to 34gb. Has anyone encountered similar issue or knows what to do? Since I doubt I’ll get any help from those bots at 2K.
P.S. When I try to launch any of the dlcs without bl3 installed on my ps4 for some reason it launches The Handsome collection