Celebrate Borderlands' 10-Year Anniversary with a Month of Rewards

Join us we celebrate ten years of Borderlands with a five-week Borderlands 3 event featuring tons of rewards!


You’ve come a long way, Vault Hunter. This month, it will have been 10 years since the original Borderlands made its debut on October 20, 2009; we’ve been shooting and looting across Pandora and the galaxy beyond ever since. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a series newcomer, we’re so glad you’re here with us for Borderlands 3, and we’re showing our appreciation with a five-week Borderlands Anniversary Celebration. For the entire month of October (and a little bit of November), Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters of all levels can score in-game loot and bonuses just by playing.

Starting today, the next five weeks will all have their very own theme in Borderlands 3, encouraging different in-game activities to maximize your rewards. As of now, Boss Week is live, which will be active until October 8, 2019 at 8:59 AM PDT when the following week’s theme begins. During Boss Week, some bosses will have an increased chance to drop a unique Legendary item. Here’s a full breakdown of Legendary loot drops by boss:

  • Mouthpiece has an increased chance to drop Gatling Gun
  • KillaVolt has an increased chance to drop Brainstormer
  • Gigamind has an increased chance to drop Nagata
  • Katagawa Ball has an increased chance to drop Rectifier
  • Katagawa has an increased chance to drop Legendary class mods (all Vault Hunters)
  • Rampager has an increased chance to drop Kill-o’-the-Wisp
  • Warden has an increased chance to drop Echo
  • GenIVIV has an increased chance to drop Ten Gallon
  • Aurelia has an increased chance to drop Creeping Death
  • Graveward has an increased chance to drop Earworm
  • Pain and Terror (and Agonizer 9000) have an increased chance to drop Legendary class mods (all Vault Hunters)
  • Troy has an increased chance to drop Nova Berner
  • Tyreen has an increased chance to drop Bitch

If you’re looking to expand your collection of unique Legendary loot, make sure to drop in on all those bosses and make them wish they had never messed with you and your Vault Hunter pals. Keep in mind that this is just the beginning of the Borderlands Anniversary Celebration, and while we’re saving some surprises for later, we thought we’d give you an early look at the calendar:


Week 1 (October 1-7): Bonus Boss Loot!
Week 2 (October 8-14): Rare Spawn Hunt!
Week 3 (October 15-21): Show Me the Eridium!
Week 4 (October 22-28): Mayhem on Twitch!
Week 5 (October 29 - November 4): Spooky Surprise!

So what are you waiting for? Jump into Borderlands 3 and start beating down bosses across the galaxy to earn even more loot. We’ll be unveiling the full bonuses for each week’s theme every Monday this month, so be sure to check back to see what’s in store for the Borderlands Anniversary Celebration. In the meantime, we’d like to extend our deepest thanks to the entire Borderlands community for your dedication, passion, and support. Here’s to many more years of mayhem.

This event is distributed via a Micro Patch:
Micro patches are not permanent – they are temporarily stored in memory during the game session and lost upon exiting Borderlands 3. To ensure that you receive micro patches, make sure that your system is connected to the internet when Borderlands 3 boots up and hang out on the Menu screen for a minute.


None of the legendaries I’m looking for, but still WOOT!

EDIT: wait, two different bosses drop legendary class mods? Why not have one drop legendary artifacts? I mean, I’ll probably be farming both regardless, but seemed odd to see doubles.

Probably because Katagawa Jr. and the Agonizer are both annoying bosses to fight and they wanted people to pick their poison…


Great… timed events… exactly what every gamer who has a life outside of playing video games looks forward to… yaaaaaaaayyyyyy… I’m not blaming you, Gearbox. (EDIT was made)

OH! Sorry, I meant “yay loot… that I can’t keep because of the bank space limitations”

(There is a slippery slope from “timed events with enhanced loot” and “purchase things in-game for real money” IMO.) (EDIT was made)

EDIT: mods requested that I edit this and lighten up on my personal stance on certain things. I have attempted to do so to the best of my ability and removed a decent amount of my personal opinion on specific topics. If they do not feel I have removed enough then I shall remove more.


This is a free event. There’s no cash grab. And there’s nothing wrong with limited time events like this. It’s not like you can’t obtain anything given out during this event after it’s over.

Besides, they announced they be doing a special event. It turns out to be the whole month long and not just a week like several people theorized.


Artifacts would have been really nice as that’s the main thing I’m hunting for right now.


Slippery slope, my friend. Remember how this stuff started? They started doing expansions with PC games, then came DLC, then came microtransactions, loot crates, timed events with exclusive gear, F2P mechanics…

What prevents 2K from following this line and eventually adding microtransactions for gear and timed event exclusive items? This is a slippery slope and I’m personally not going to hold my breath. I’m worried for the game series I’ve loved since 2009.

EDIT: mods wanted me to edit it so I tried to do so to the best of my ability following the guidelines. Without specific mention though I can’t be 100% sure I deleted the correct sentence.


We just wanted to give more opportunities for legendary class mods! :slight_smile:


What stop you from actualy playing the game and enjoying the free events while its free instead of theorizing incoming MTX and Lootboxes in a near future?


If you’re referring to the Bloody Harvest event, that’s a different event!


Awesome stuff, I’ll be revisting bosses this week for sure.

Good job guys, keep growing, plz do a Q&A topic.

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I’m fully on board with that. I appreciate such a month long event to hit off the years of Borderlands that lay ahead! My compliments to the team!


can’t wait to still not get a bloodletter comp for Moze… gonna be lovely :smiley: lol


Oh. More events than I expected. I just kinda assumed that was this because of the spooky surprise in the last week.

So this will overlap during the Mayhem on Twitch, then? Sounds good to me.

Wait what are the Creeping Death and Earworm? I’ve never seen those two before

edit: just got a Creeping Death; it’s a Tediore shotgun

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I was thinking the same thing. I’ll have to check them out. They aren’t on the spreadsheet, so it looks like they really are brand new.

Can’t wait to start farming for legendary class mods. I’ll be farming Pain & Terror though. I can’t stand that Katagawa fight

This is great! Thanks gbx.

Graveward is dropping classmods for me