Celebrate Borderlands' 10-Year Anniversary with a Month of Rewards

everytime the agonizer drops a legendary it keeps falling through the map… is anyone else seeing that behavior ?

Empty your loot collector and profit! At least that is a problem of the past :smiley:


is there any plan to patch the offline stuff like legandary class mods not droping ???

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Has anyone noticed any issues using Loaded dice relic while trying to farm for this event? I had mine on while trying to farm GenIVIV for the ten gallon, got maybe 1 or 2 legendaries after close to 10 runs. Took it off, and suddenly I was back to getting at least 1 per run (TVHM MM3 in both cases). Did finally get ten gallon, just seemed really odd to me…

Yea the drop rate is pretty horrendous I stopped at 200 kills and I ended up getting exactly 10 legendary class mods. 1-20… aka exactly the same as averaged in BL2 after the buff, aka mayhem 3 is actually kind of an insult aka the INCREASED part means nothing other than they ACTUALLY have a chance to drop legendary class mods now which he may or may not have had before or it was so small that this is an improvement is kind of funny tbh :confused:


Got the bloodletter mod from the agonizer after 8-10 kills!!

For an event the rates are really low. It’s kind of a misery farm.


drop rates are very low its insulting to borderlands series wtf ?


I have better luck with class mods farming Graveward still than I do Katagawa and Agonizer. Split screen farming to see if it’s just bad RNG, but no, may as well drop “It’s Poop” for every instance of this event.


Oh yeah ive been farming graveward since the event started scratched so many of these drops off the list in no time, especially class mods I dont remember it being this good before. All hail Graveward!


Just finished my runs for the night on Katagawa with Amara, got at least one Legendary drop each time, was rarer that I got none, actually. Two were Legendary class mods, one for Amara and one for Moze.

u could farm for a pefect sham in bl2 if u dont like it just saying.

I’ve killed Agonizer 3 times, got COMs all three… To each his own i guess

A boss explodes loot
Greens, Blues, a single purple
Yet again It’s Poop

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Burying mods (one of the most sought after items) behind an only story boss and one of the most annoying fights in the game seems slightly cruel. Further beat that annoying Katagawa like ten times… Not a single drop.

I enjoy him as a fight but not as a loot farm.

Yep same, I got TONS of legendary classmods from him in 2 hours!

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30 runs now 30 …not a single legendary drop …i suppose in there defense they did say “increased” lol

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Same TVHM M3 with loaded dice and not a single COM

is this applied like a hotfix?