Celebrate Borderlands' 10-Year Anniversary with a Month of Rewards

No, don’t tell me that. It ruins the fun. I love scavenger hunts!
But ok, I guess that’s fine too. Thanks. Can’t wait for the hotfix As long as Fl4k doesn’t get nerfed yet again

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There is nothing left on him that GBX can nerf it. Worst vh in the game right now ! Any Vh can one shot/phase any boss and kill mobs instantly. I hope they fix LnT for flac in the next hotfix. Remove retrigger rammo and just lower the % on LnT please.

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He’s not THAT bad. Just LnT was ruined, but they can fix that if they want to. Which they totally should. ASAP

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Just my opinion but you are forced now to use 2 guns only to sustain ammo on FA rowans/lucians call. Playing with other weapons on FA is very bad for you due to constant reload and FA dmg time is reduced to like 2 seconds because you need to reload.

I’m still shredding things with the Queen’s Call with just 1 whole use of FA. It’s not as devastating as it was before; I was actually surprised on how much it still is able to do.

I get’cha tho.

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What r u suppous to do if you are unlucky and don’t have any of those legis? ._.

Use a good purple and kill Gigamind on M1 or M2 until you can handle him on 3. Gigamind is much easier to kill then graveward and gives good rewards also.

You can also play offline and farm Chupa on M3 since he is easy and while offline and no hotfix active he still drops lots of stuff also.

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Thank you for your advise but not enough time.

:frowning: i try tho

Not sure what you mean about not enough time.

Gigamind is super fast to get to and easy to farm, same with Chupa.

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Well Life my friend…

And not enough luck i guess? Chupa might give me 1 legi every 5-6 kills but i play with friends and family when i have time and farming co-op is the must obnoxious thing in the world

Oh no, on Mayhem 3 and playing offline with no hotfix enabled, Chupa will give 1-4 legendaries almost every time. It is super rare he doesn’t drop anything.

Remember you can’t have the hotfix active so you would need to reboot your game and turn your connection off before it downloads the hotfix.

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That’s… My problem. I aprecitate all the tips and advise.

But this was a game to play with my family and Friends, so every time i can play is with someone.

There are few co-op games out there, and this game is one of those few that i can play that is not pvp.

Maybe i am dumb for not want to play alone a couple of hrs, but they are few in my Life… So i Guess i need to pick my poison

No biggie, I farm Gigamind online all the time and he almost always drops t least 1 legendary and tends to drop 2-3 fairly often. I got a lot of class mods from him also.

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@Noelle_GBX is there still plans to release a timeline for larger patch updates to know whats being worked on?

I killed all of them and got 0.00 legendaries from them.
I also opened many red chests and got 0.00 legendaries (all green, rare a purple) from them.

But white chests across the game dropped about 8 legendaries and also about 6 others from badasses in the slaughter pit, so forget red chests go for the whites and do the slaughter pit.

Also golden keys are great too, every 2-3th had a legendary, unfortunately got the wrong class mod but perhaps someone needs it more.

Nice. Since I was a day one Borderlands 1 player, my 10 year Borderlands anniversary is the exact same day as my 29th wedding anniversary (October 20th). I’ll ask to be left alone to play BL3 for my present (just kidding).

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Is it all over? I have not had one drop today. ???

Yes, the first week’s over.

I have about 30 class mods from Power Troppers over the last few days. I have been averaging 1 per kill of the group and sometimes I have had 2.

The chest near them has also dropped a few leg items.