Celebrate the End of the "Loot the Universe" Event with Sales on Borderlands Merch!

In celebration of our final week of Borderlands “Loot the Universe”, you can now loot OUR universe! We’ve collaborated with a few of our partners to bring you out-of-this-world deals on Borderlands merchandise! See below for details:

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*Excludes limited editions and collectibles.


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No shipping to Australia? Damn I want the graffiti shirt.

Couldn’t agree with you more for the most part. Can’t say a second play through is all that bad but when it comes to actually fixing the game, yeah…I’m still waiting on them to fix the XB1X crashing as well as addressing the cough…cough…co-op option in the game and the lack of vertical split screen even though all earlier games had it and it worked. The game has only been out since September so maybe I’m expecting too much.

Still waiting on them to post a video of any Gearbox employee playing actual couch co-op like the rest of us play and explain how it is a viable option and works great, I mean they do have a show called Couch Co-Op so why don’t they play actual splitscreen? hmmmm…


Not sure why your post got flagged. I don’t see anything wrong with it. The lesson is to take care of your players and they won’t hesitate to give you their money.


What would be cool are some borderlands themed cloth face masks.
Until Covid goes away, I see a market for something like this.

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I think this is the correct statement. Then again maybe it’s on point because regardless how large of a size shirt you order it comes scaled in a Baby Gap size?

I did take a look at the shirts but I didn’t see any “I looted the Universe and all I found was this poorly scaled Ten Gallon” shirts so I’m not interested.

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