Celestial Baroness Class Mod (How to get!)

So just wanted to info people who might be in the same boat as i was yesterday, i was wondering how to get a celestial mod for baroness yesterday, did some searching on teh internetz and found nothing but pictures, then i came across a video showing how easy it is to get one for Claptrap. did some farming for purple class mods that were level 50 and used 3 of them on the grinder and used moonstone grinding and got myself a class mod thats pretty decent

im not exactly sure as i havent tried it on any other chars so it might work for all classes… and i dont know if anybody has made this topic already but anyways hope it helps some people :smile:

oh just did remember something too, the purple mods doesnt matter what class theyre for just use any level 50 ones and moonstone grind and u’ll get the item for ur class