Celestial COM bugged?

I’ve been reading that Clappy’s legendary COM is bugged. What’s bugged about it exactly? Thanks.

Last I heard of, it couldn’t legitimately spawn in-game for whatever reason.

Ah, okay. I thought maybe the COM itself was bugged. Thanks.

@Gulfwulf Clappy’s purple class mods will not always allocate the correct points to skills. 5/4/4 in particular will sometimes only give 3 points for one of the 4 point skills.

Ah. I’m using a blue explosive sapper COM right now and it’s giving me 4/3 @ level 39. I looked at a purple one of the same level, but the explosive damage and resistance buffs were lower. :confused:

Celestial COM is fine, problem is that it cant drop legit ingame, instead of it game gives us some glitched version of Short Circuit COM. As for purples not allocating skill points, these are lower grade purple COMs (5/4/3), but the card is bugged and it shows it as higher grade (5/4/4).

I’ve passed this along to the team. Thanks for the heads up gents. Carry on.


Thanks for the attention, but isn’t it a bit alarming that just now we got an answer to our prayers for fixing this? I mean, this discussion has been carrying over from the old forums, and I don’t remember seeing any response from the gearbox team about it until now.

Good to see you’re working hard at this, though! Kudos for that (:

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Sure! Again, just to be clear, I’m not implying anything in terms of fixes or timelines. Just wanted to peek in and let you know we’re aware and its being investigated. If any info should pop up that we can update you with, we will ASAP.


Alright, thanks again, and keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the update, Joe. :smile:

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If you have a technical issue it’s better to submit a support ticket for it rather than post about it on the forums and expect a GBX employee to see it. I submitted a ticket on this back in November. I received a prompt reply stating that they were aware of it and looking to address it.

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However, that qualifies only as contacting a single person who went through the ‘trouble’ of going to ask for support, and not as speaking to a community. Not everyone will care enough to go emitt a ticket, but would still be relieved by an announcement like Joe’s. See my concern now?

Yeah but you’re not going directly to the personnel that can help correct the issue. Based on the response I received they had many reports of this so I’m not a single voice.

It’s not SOP to post a community wide response to every technical issue that comes up. It just opens the door for more questions and player discontent. If it’s a very big issue than GBX generally addresses it. But this isn’t breaking anyone’s game.

why not take the 2 minutes and submit a ticket to tech support? You will get a personal reply and if you need clarification you can get it directly from tech support.

Honestly, either way is totally acceptable. We do specifically keep an eye on the forums for just such stuff and we try to address as many things as we can in the forum setting.

On the other hand, the support ticket route is helpful because it’s more of a direct connection to support and it helps us to have documentation in regards to what specific issues people are experiencing. 9 times out of 10 you’ll see us recommend that a member submit a ticket to support anyway, but we like to make it clear that we’re aware and investigating. That kind of communication is really important.


This problem being that simple is exactly what makes a simple response more than enough to calm some nerves. Say you’re looking into it and we’ll expect to see it in any near-future hotfixes. Don’t really think that people would make a big fuss about small problems if they just get an “We’re aware” inside a small to medium time frame from the issue being noticed and reported. Aside from that, just what Joe said above.

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Well, it doesn’t look good. It’s almost March now.

@joekgbx How about a sitrep on our little Brotrap’s bugged COMs? Any progress?

No news yet, but I’ve got my ear to the ground on it!

Thanks @joekgbx

@impala Hopefully something soon.

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