Celestial Doppelganger CoM

(Alex) #1

How do I score myself one of these bad boys? I have never run across it and I need one for a build I want to try!

P.S. I have things I can trade i.e. loot and or money!

(The Poopiest) #2

Grinding, vendors or the normal Sentinel (not the raid) I believe. If that should fail try the trading section.

(Alex) #3

Thank you @Noodlepoop I will try for that and I will go ahead and move it in case someone wants to help a brotha out!

(Dan Ny Samber) #4

Are you level 60?

(Alex) #5

Why yes, yes I am!

(Mr_Kcool11) #6

If you are still looking for one I can get you it this afternoon when I’m on. What sort of gear have you got to trade?

PSN: Mr_Kcool11