Celestial enforcer class mod

What is the best way to farm this com? I see people saying to farm vending machines, others say the raid boss sentinel drops it. Looking for the most efficient way to get one. Thanks.

NVM just got one in the grinder…that was easy…

Just a couple days ago, I found a Celestial Lawbringer COM in the chest near where you find Whilhelm’s echo during the mission Boarding Party. Literally every other Celestial COM I have found has come from Nurse Nina’s vending machines.

The Grinder is probably your best bet, but even that will take patience. The Sentinel, if you can handle it, is the second best chance. 3rd would be Nina’s machines.

3 purple mods + moonstone at the grinder is the easiest way IMO. I have kept my Wilhelm with a celestial COM since level 20. I upgrade every 10 levels (only level 53 so far), and it’s been a cinch to get one each time.