Celestial Fragtrap builds?

It’s been awhile since I’ve even played TPS but I was randomly wondering if anyone has ever come up with a build / gear loadout for a Celestial Fragtrap. My own build use a classic Sapper, but I’m open to trying new things.

They exist but i personally think theyre not in any way efficient because clappy has the worst celestial by far.

I was testing a Celestial Fragtrap and I love it.

The Spec

1st slot: Fridgia
2nd slot: Flakker :heart:
3rd slot: Absolute Zero, glitched Doc’s Quad, The Maggie, Fatale and etc. (high crit or/and cryo weapons work great)
4th slot: Laser Disker for FFYL
Longbow Pandemic
Alkaline Avalanche
Celestial Fragtrap :smiley:

I recommend Audacious Sapper, Ack Ack, The Corrosive Machine (RK5 must die) for boss battles.

This time it’ll be awesome, I promise!

For Celestial Fragtrap I prefer:

10/5 Drop the Hammer
10/5 Killbot
1/1 Second Wind [By Tediore]
5/5 Load ‘n’ Splode
1/1 I Am Rubber, You Are Glue
5/5 One Last Thing
1/1 Livin’ Near the Edge

10/5 Best Buds 4 Life
10/5 Maniacal Laughter
1/1 You’re… GOING TO LOVE ME!!
1/1 It’s a Trap…Card

1/1 All the Guns
3/3 Fuzzy Logic
1/1 Safety First
10/5 Surprised? Stabilize!
10/5 Blue Shell
5/5 Grenade Vent
1/1 Element of Surprise
5/5 Death Machine
5/5 Cryogenic Exhaust Manifold
1/1 Rainbow Coolant

Slot 1: Fridgia
Slot 2: Ravager
Slot 3: Spitter (I like Torgue, but this is up to preference based on need)
Slot 4: FFYL weapon
Celestial Fragtrap

If you’re not comfortable entering FFYL, then there is no point in playing Celestial Fragtrap. It makes a sport of getting downed.

Why no Flakker? It’s a great shotgun in TPS and can rival the Ravager for damage output.

The Flakker is a great choice for bosses, but for general use it does not do as much to exploit the class mod as the Ravager does. Audacious Sapper and a build using more of the center tree sees it shine more, in my opinion.

The Ravager benefits from Surprised? Stabilize! tightening its spread significantly with Celestial Fragtrap, which makes it more likely to benefit from the increases to critical hit damage from the class mod and Fuzzy Logic. Grenade Vent also increases the damage output for the Ravager, but not for the Flakker, and is why the Bomber kit is there.

For absolute skill synergy with Celestial Fragtrap I cannot think of a single weapon with more absolute synergy than the Ravager. The combination of the mod’s critical hit damage increase, Drop the Hammer, Load ‘n’ Splode, One Last Thing, Livin’ Near the Edge, Fuzzy Logic, Surprised? Stabilize!, Grenade Vent, and Death Machine all directly improving one single weapon is pretty ridiculous. He can afford to take all these weapon performance improving skills because he can afford to lean on Fight for Your Life.

… And when he enters Fight for Your Life the Ravager becomes even more outrageous, which is pretty likely because Vaulthunter.exe, Killbot, Maniacal Laughter, You’re… GOING TO LOVE ME!!, and It’s a Trap… Card are not going to keep you standing forever. His bleed out time is ridiculously long with Celestial Fragtrap, and his performance with guns is pretty ridiculous between Livin’ Near the Edge, Best Buds 4 Life, and Blue Shell.

Maniacal Laughter works pretty well with Element of Surprise (especially with the Naught shield), Cryogenic Exhaust Manifold, Rainbow Coolant, and the Quasar (which does double duty of building stacks and grouping the enemies together for Ravager fun). The Fridgia’s freeze chance with Maniacal Laughter at 10/5 is up near Maliwan Snider territory, which is pretty awesome should slams not get the job done.

All in all, despite Celestial Fragtrap being weaker than the Celestial class mod other classes have, I think it certainly has its value. Everyone loves Audacious Sapper, but it should be able to comfortably hold its own.