Celestial Mod Drop Locations?

Has any of the recent updates changed/fixed where the celestial class mods drop from? As far as I knew they dropped from X-STLK along with the eridium vanquisher mods, but of the 10 mods i’ve gotten from farming, all of them have been vanquishers (and none for Nisha). Any info would help and if anyone has a Celestial Lawbringer at level 70 lying around, shoot me a message

Have you tried grinding 3 purple lvl 70 mods? That’s how I got one for my Claptrap like 2 days ago.

Edit: also used moon stones in the grind.

You can get celestial mod grinding 3 purpule clas mod using moonstone

managed trying that like right after I posted this and got one! thanks lol. I actually used 2 legendaries I had and a purple

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Do you have any screen shot?

Ok maybe im wrong seems only the eridian vanquishers have been comfirmed to drop from the sentinel. Ive seen people say they’ve gotten the celestial from him but theres no proof. I dont get why they would have two bosses drop the same class mods. But if i find some proof of the sentinal dropping the celestial ill post.

I could be wrong on this (good chance I am, actually), but I seem to recall that the regular Sentinel dropped the Vanquisher COMs and the Invincible one dropped the Celestial COMs.

Again, very possible that I’m wrong, just relating some he-said-she-said that I seem to remember.

thats what i heard maybe ill have to farm for awhile and see if i can confirm that