Ceremonial Sacrifice Ambra Build!? KILL THE CUDDLES! 🔥

Before you slaughter me for not tucking my shir- I mean, choosing Ceremonial Sacrifice at LVL. (3), just hear me out. I think this might be the new Ambra build, like, REVOLUTIONARY. I’ll give you my reasons why this unusual helix should be used on a competitive field.

-What is this stupid thing?

         -This new Ambra build gives her the ability to heal faster, like, WAY faster! 
         -It makes her a mobile healer, instead of sitting there. (For once) 
         -Choosing other helixes are made easier for    Ambra players. Like whether or not to choose 20% Sunspot Cooldown or increase its HP by 50%.

-What Gear does it require?

        -Any Attack damage gear would be necessary, but the one you definitely need is the Solar Sustainer. It's EXCELLENT for character like Miko and Ambra. 
        -Use her Lore Legendary (Shard Of Jennar), it sounds a little expensive. But with all of the attack damage you'll be having. Your Radiant Halberds with be scary as F***! 

That’s all I really have to say to be honest. I will provide the helix tree I use In all of my matches with Ambra at the bottom.

If you need to ask anymore questions or comments, feel free!


Level (I) - Illumination
Level (II) - Blessing Of The Sun
Level (III) - Ceremonial Sacrifce
Level (IV) - Ritual Of Repulsion
Level (V) - Cauterization
-Level (VI) - Agile Anomal (STEALTH BB ONLY)
-Level (VI) - Solar Storm
Level (VII) - Radiant Halberd (Duh?)
Level (VIII)- Bask In The Light
Level (VII) - Fan The Flames (TANKY TEAM ONLY)
Level (IX) - Howling Wind
Level (X)- Impact Crater

(ง’̀-'́) <~~ This is Constable Cuddles, he’s evil and sheds a lot.
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What does this build do better than the traditional ambra build? Why do you think it would be better in competitive?

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This is better in competitive because of its versatility and healing amount. When Ambra is healing her sunspot. She’s removing her self from the fight for long periods of time. With this build, she can move around A LOT more.

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I don’t think it’s necessarily better or worse, I messed with similar at one point, it is great for rapidly healing allies once out of the fight. But I still tend to work through sunspots because I prefer using the minion waves in addition to the battleborn

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Willing to bet my Ambra moves more, faster.

  1. Aim for her Helix 7 mutation.
  2. Put everything into fast/more Sun spots, drop them everywhere at all times.
  3. If cornered drop a Sun and melee, melee knockback.
  4. If you get to Helix 7 burn them all in Hell (No laughing, no smiling!)

Technically you can’t use this build in a “competitive” field since all legendaries are usually banned.


The thing that makes Ambra nice in a competitive setting is her versatility. You shouldn’t have your build planned out before you select her but after the map and characters are all chosen.

CS works better on some maps and with certain team comps but SR is also a great cMonumentsmaps like Monuments. If you’re playing Ambra you need to adapt to the demands of the match.


Yeah, I know. I’m just trying to get people to use this more. I see Ambras all the time only using her LVL. 3 Mutation.


Yes spread the glory of ceremonial sacrifice.


Its cause they’re afraid to shine like the glorious sun