Certain Gear Being Temporarily Disabled

Hey everyone,

We wanted to make the community aware that we’ve discovered certain pieces of gear that are having negative effects to the PvP experience in the Battleborn Open Beta. These pieces of gear are not working as intended, so we will be disabling them. To be clear though, they will return with the full release of Battleborn on May 3rd.

If you have any questions on this, feel free to fire away below. We want to make sure that we provide not only a fun and innovative online PvP experience with Battleborn, but also a level playing field for everyone.

Gear being disabled from the beta:

EDIT: The team has fixed the Kelvin gear and it was added back into the game with yesterday’s micropatch!


What did the last three do,

They also contribute to Kelvin’s invincibility. I’ve edited my post to clarify. Thanks for pointing that out!

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Wait, were they just to good with kelvin? or were they just causing bugs and needed removal? I’m really curious now.

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Mods with the “unsafe” prefix have negative hp regen, which makes me curious as well. Shouldn’t he eventually die? Did it do something crazy to Permafrost? I’ve never seen an immortal Kelvin.

FIRE! HAhaHaha

I have patiently waited to be able to play the beta and it still says that the beta will soon start to check on the site for my start time

Hi @jkilltheking – The beta starts at 10am PDT, so in about an hour and 20 min. You’re almost there!

Thank you I have been counting down for almost a week now for this beta. Now if only Bethesda would fix the doom beta lol

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So this is what happened to my wonderful little chaotic demon’s Legendary :disappointed: I was aware of the bug but never used the exploit myself. I had hoped you guys could fix and patch it back in before the beta ends. Oh well :disappointed_relieved:

Unfortunately, the nature of patching is such that it doesn’t make sense to deploy a full update on the beta build. Like I said though, it’ll back for launch!

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Darn, I forgot about this when playing as Orendi. I was really concerned it was a big bug when I didn’t get her legendary, but no, it was pulled. Ah well, gave me a chance to figure out how to unlock it in the full release.

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Rolls eyes What about all the gear that’s pretty much WORTHLESS in PVE, Gearbox?

There’s only… Half of them… >_<

(I REALLY hate autocode - I was forced to put 4 asterisks to get them to show up - 1 was italics, 2 was bold, 3 was italics AND bold…)

If you’re running into specific issues w/ certain pieces of gear, by all means, we want to hear about it! Head over to the bug report forums and create a thread.

I[quote=“JoeKGBX, post:15, topic:1349175”]

If you’re running into specific issues w/ certain pieces of gear, by all means, we want to hear about it! Head over to the bug report forums and create a thread.

It’s not specific bugs on gear, it’s just that so much of the gear was designed for PVP, and its functionality is either EXTREMELY situational, or almost/completely nonexistent in PVE.

For example, anything that triggers off of killing an enemy player will trigger off of “killing a major enemy”. Putting aside the fact that WTF a “major enemy” actually IS was left COMPLETELY undefined (things with shields - what?), I’d assume that whatever actually does qualify as “major” is not commonly found in the missions nearly enough to make it “worthwhile”, especially since you’d need to do the killing blow for it to “count”.

…Then there’s all the gear that has “reduces buildable cost” stamped onto it. The PVE missions have very, VERY few “buildable” objects vs. the PVP, so this is almost a COMPLETELY wasted stat when it gets randomly stamped onto gear pieces.
There’s also an even MORE worthless “sub stat” for that that one - “Reduces buildable cost for 5 seconds after building something”. I can think of LITTERALLY ONE place in the mission that you could MAYBE make it to a second “buildable” in 5 seconds if you had a full speed buff on (besides maybe the Spider Sentry, if that even counts, but you really don’t wanna be wasting so many shards powering up 2 of his abilities at once when they’re situational and don’t last very long…).

There are others I’ve seen as well with very questionable usefulness in PVE - this just names a few of the worst. Nothing about these nigh worthless PVE stats has changed since the Closed Beta, either… >_<

Apologies for all the capitalized words, but I’m used to using asterisks for word emphasis usually. Too bad your forum auto-code uses them for bold AND italics - I’d have to use FOUR of them to get that to stop, i.e. word… =.=

So there shouldn’t be any PvP specific gear? I see no problem with having it in game, just use a different loadout for PvE.

If your complaint is that there isn’t any gear specifically targeted towards PvE, can you offer any suggestions on what that might look like?

Personally I find a lot of the gear useful in PvE.

No, I did not say that there SHOULDN’T be, I said that the gear that IS “PVP Specific” does not translate to PVE very well (if at all).

They have a system in place for dual effects, but some things do not have them (like “Buildables”).

Also, it’s not like there’s any “PVE Specific” gear, so…

Buildables do exist in maps though, and may have even more in later levels. You can also do a loadout that is more for pve and then pvp oriented ones. There is gear to increase almost every stat, with epic/legendary gear granting some great combinations (like skill damage and cooldown, or shield and healtg).

Yeah, I never said they did not exist, they are simply very situational, not all that prevalent, and limited to tiny segments of the PVE missions before you finish that section and move on. In PVP, there will always be no less than like, 12 within 10 feet of you at all times… >_<

Also, one 100% useless stat in PVE (which also has 3-4 gear pieces dedicated to it alone) is “Shards Per Second” - you don’t randomly generate shards in PVE, so this is completely useless. It gets randomly stamped onto lots of gear types, and also (like I said above) has an entire gear piece per “faction” dedicated to it…