Certain HUD elements outside screen on 32:9 displays

Certain hud elements are not scaling properly on 32:9 displays. For example, at 3840x1080 - the Area Change timer is well outside the lower right side of the hud, as well as challenge notifications being cropped on the top of the screen. Looks like a weird scaling is being applied to these elements.

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Did you try calibrating the safe area?

Yeah, it ignores the safe area calibration, or atleast doesn’t really help.

Any chance a dev could look at this?

Same for me, and disabling FidelityFX Sharpening doesn’t work for this problem.

Apologies bumping this old thread, but is there any resolution to this? Still experiencing these issues three months on, and it seems to have gotten slightly worse. Now there’s a part of the fast travel map that overlays onto the rest of the UI.

This problem is still unresolved.
Anyone else see a fix or should I return this huge display and go back to a 32" UHD head on my rig.

No fix yet. This issue boils down to the hard coded scaling within the game for certain elements, since no in-game settings appear to have any effect. The fact that it broke even more with the 1.05 patch demonstrates that it’s definitely up to the devs to resolve, and that it’s something they’re not paying any attention to.

I submitted a support ticket about a month ago and haven’t gotten any response outside of “give us more info and we’ll give it to the bug team”.

It strikes me as very odd that something that so drastically affects the gameplay experience has gone unacknowledged by Gearbox. Surely they have to test things in ultra widescreen.


Issue still exists, and now seems to be worse. There’s now an issue when selling items where your mouse won’t properly lock onto an item when hovering over it, preventing it from being properly selected and showing the weapon’s text and stats. You can still click it to sell the item, but this makes checking items before selling them very problematic.

(EDIT - This seems to be affecting everyone post patch based off of the others posts here)

Are none of these patches tested in ultrawide before release? Is there any attention being given to ultrawide problems at all? Game has been out for six months now and there hasn’t been a peep from Gearbox.


At launch, the game had good 21:9 support apart from the cutscenes issue caused by enabling FidelityFX sharpening. I’ve played it for tens of hours at 21:9 since then.

Now after updates it is much worse indeed, with the Map and Event screens failing to scale at all. They look fine at 16:9 but switching to 16:10, 21:9, 32:9 or any other resolutions results in cropped elements and misalignment.

Its frustrating that this still isn’t fixed, I feel like I am missing out on parts of the game. The shortcuts for the maps in the menu and stuff is frustrating. I hope they fix the issue soon!

okay i made the safe area as small as possible now is see a little bit more in the map menu but still not everything

I have exactly the same problem, attached video https://youtu.be/7ZhPcfet-Y8

THK!!! the last “actualizacion” NOW in 32:9 view perfect THK