Certain shield augments not working at all

On PS4, when holding the shield, augments Charged Relay, Nanites or some ■■■■■, and Retaliation do not function. When the shield is on the ground, these skills function.

The only augments that work while holding the shield are Deterrence Field and All Rounder.

Is this intended? Is this a PS4 specific bug? Are any other Zane players experiencing this?


There was an official statement from gearbox that this is intended?

It is in skill descriptions my man when you carry the barrier you are not touching it and any other bonuses that apply get halved. I never even thought these should work when picked up, why should they if description does not say so.

Well to be fair you made me double check the descriptions. Only charged relay states touching the barrier though, nanites and retaliation say you have to be near the barrier and you sure are near the barrier, and if carrying the barrier is not touching it, things are kinda messed up. I’ll hope they actually grant us half the effect. (what about allies nearby though btw?)

I think they consider picked up barrier differently from ground barrier and simply do not give you when near and when touching bonuses.i would not mind a buff to it. but their initial idea was for it to not be picked up most of the times I guess. Gbx did ■■■■ Zane during redesign pre release. Unless u are doing bully type build you should position it on the ground anyway. Since dome and shock work when picked up those are the augments to go with ATM. Gbx was never discriptive of skills and what they meant them to do. Look at their buff values it is ridiculous how undertuned some skills were and how overturned were the others. I read I test what I get I assume is intended… Not the best way to go about things but that is dev vs player in any game

What I feel is that GB intended for Zane’s skill set to have some synergy and not a full one. There’s definitely cross synergy between each trees skills but we cant “max” a way with it with tons of skills complementing. I like this design personally. But the major gripe towards it is that it falls pretty short in terms of dps all things considered. If they could increase the numbers?

they could but all they did was give us DFC fix which only increases pitiful values of cold hand ever so slightly and now does apply to playing dirty which means 8/5 guarantees 100% chance of acquiring pd stacks on a kill. what a huge buff indeed! i think they do not want to admit that values zane gets per skill point are simply lower than what others get and he is even weaker in passives department and by far the weakest in ffyl.

They seem to have just updated the description. They now seem to correctly show the bonus that was working fine before.