Certain Thralls do too much damage

Of course people have gotten killed by a Thrall or one of the Varelsi or Robots (ahem RONINS) But are they doing too much damage? Now I understand that if they were easy enemies then that’ll make the game waaay too simple and too fast to complete. It’ll make it feel like Skylanders (we know how that feels). But honestly, whenever a thrall chucks a bomb at me it’s like the bomb predicted my movement and tracks me this killing me within 1000+ damage and then that’ll leave me super vulnerable to other enemies like the evolved thrall with their overpowering melee attacks. Of Battleborn could just tone it down just a tad of the enemies damage output it’ll make some missions a whole lot easier. That or get rid of a couple spawns when in an area. For instance, the new OPS mission (Montana and the Demon Bear) there’s that first large group after the gate opening. They are STRONG! My team and I literally cannot get past the gate to actually kill most of the Thrall. Also, they jump over the wall anyway to flank and kill us all. So my point is, if they reduced the spawn rates of some enemies it’ll make it easier to progress and not lose precious lives.

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…Even worse, the heavy thrall jump the wall on the right while you are sniping.


What is this?

Also, yeah, certain enemies can be a pain in the ass, especially against melee, but i don’t think it’s as much a problem of them doing too much damage, as there being a sh*t-ton of them to handle at once. For example:

Elite bot? Not a big deal by itself. However, the FOUR elite bots in ATR? It sucks. Same with the half-dozen thralls that you simultaneously deal with in MDB.

no need for the OHK thrall. just annoying even when you are out of the blast zone it still takes like half your life (outside of the highlighted circle). do they want to bring new players to the game? on normal difficulty this should be toned down a bit. it seems more pronounced in the ops. most casuals who just pick up the game will quit after a few attempts just too frustrating.


It was the first of the “toy to life” series. Skylanders are little figurines with an NFC card inside that store the characters information. You place them on the portal and they appear in the game. It made them so much money, they’re on their fifth now and they have vehicles and changeable parts.
Disney Infinity had the same idea later, and was also quite large and a huge moneymaker, until it wasn’t, and they went bankrupt. Lego Universe is doing the same and they have everything from Doctor Who to SpongeBob. Their most heard of form is in Nintendo’s Amiibo, which is raking in crazy money. It’s a collectors nightmare. Luckily all the figures work in future games albeit with much less features.
It’s actually a decent game, but it ends up being more about upgrading your character and solving puzzles then combat, except for certain challenges you can play for each character based off of how many figurines you have. Quickly, a few good characters destroy everything, and even before that it’s mostly a spam fest with some basic dodging

Source: entertained kids who had them

Thank you for clearing that up, Epic; now i know what the little Wolf-Link statue that came with my copy of Twilight Princess HD is for (the one i lightly chucked into my misc. drawer with a shrug, haha!). At least, the thing was CALLED an “Amibo”; i don’t know that it actually DOES anything in game, and it didn’t have any form of port that i can remember. Are they ALL functionable, or are some just decorative?

Sh*t, out of likes… Take this instead:


Put it on the little square icon on the bottom left of the game pad, it unlocks dlc.

In the new zelda coming out in march it spawns a wolf ally that fights things. They all have fancy in game effects

Thralls grenades were nerfed recently, right?

Seriously?! That’s AWESOME! Only one more month to go…

As to the thralls, their grenades haven’t
Insta-ganked me at full health since the winter update, so i’m gonna say “yes…?”

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There, fixed it for you. @epicender584

What did you change? I don’t see a difference…

Original post said Skylandera…

Huh… I guess Epic changed it before i could compare the two (it was literally within a minute, so he was quick).

Skylandera actually sounds pretty cool and exotic, haha!

How 'bout you? Habe you noticed if thrall-brute grenades have been doing less damage since the winter update? Be the tie-breaker.

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I have been one shot by them as Mellka, but she has very little health so I don’t think I would notice it. I have NOT played as anyone of higher than 1500 health so I haven’t been able to test their OHK Nades. But I still found them BS back then, so if they have been changed I am happy.

We speak of the Thralls, but does anyone remember Aria’s BS OHK? I almost destroyed my entire game setup because of her…
3500 damage x3…excuse me? 2000 damage…I beg your pardon? Killed with so much damage that it doesn’t even show up on the kill screen…come again?

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She is the worst part of that dlc.
In general I despise anytime Gearbox uses a scripted boss.
Once you get used to her methods it’s survivable though, even as Phoebe.

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I feel as though the bombs almost track you like missiles. For instance, when I jump in mid air and land to a completely different spot a bomb still managed to me… It’s so odd. But to be fair, I feel like (if they did nerf the bombs) the bombs didn’t get nerfed. They are hard to run away from, especially if there’s hundreds of other enemies (with and without guns) around me.

I’ve posted before having the bomb runners toss bombs is too much, just ask Dragon.

I agree. Instagibbed isn’t fun. Give us a chance to react to damage. Hit us hard, but so hard that we can’t respond sucks all the fun out of it.

What’s worse is that those beams home after a certain distance (or once they get close to the player)

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And have AoE splash on impact that deals just as much damage as the initial hit. Like come on