Chache cleared - Character lost!

Hey gearbox I really like you but in what one of your forms said it totally f upped my game so I Deeplake said I cleared my cache and cookies and deleted my account and then my character was deleted I was level 15 very good weapons and now I’m dead I can’t get back on it won’t let me do the clouds and maturely screwed is a level 15 character with 25 gold keys legendary weapons legendary shields and legendary grenades I was a commando please fix this this is so annoying and I also cannot put in a shift ._ this was on borderlands 2_ xbox 360 my gamer tag is DaBaconGrenade

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Changed the title & sorted your topic into the correct Forum Section (Borderlands 2 - XBox 360 Support)

Further I recommend to open an official Support ticket at GBX-support (in their BL2-support section).

Maybe they can help you.

If your saves were not cloud sync ones, and if you were not careful in the options you selected to remove your account from the 360, this would by why your save is gone.

I’m not sure what problem you were trying to fix by deleting your account on your xbox? However, if the whole save is well and truly gone, as @Ganjamira said, a support ticket is the way to go - support can at least give you back some keys. If you need some replacement low level good gear, I can probably help you out next week (I’m out of town right now on a trip) as I’m not using my 360 characters anymore.