CHAIN STUNS, and the CC domination

Ill keep this short and sweet, I think there should be severe diminishing returns on stuns so that people cannot be chain stunned. I am guilty of playing in team comps that aim to chain stun to get the upper hand.

If diminishing returns isnt an option then maybe somebody who is all already stunned cannot be stunned during the duration on a stun.

Im eager to here your opinions on how this can be changed, fixed or even kept the same if you think its okay.


Good idea. Possibly make it so that if a person is stunned, they are then immune to further stuns for a few seconds. Stun is one of the most powerful CC effects in PvP after all. This would indirectly nerf the double hug as well. It would also stop multiple stun characters piling up on one player, which totally hasn’t happened to me more times than I can count :sweat:


Your tank should be eating the chain stuns for your team (or capitalizing on the enemy team not doing so). If you are being chain stunned, then the enemy team deserves to kill you. They also deserve to be completely run over by the rest of your team afterward, when they have absolutely nothing left to deal with them.


Yeah it would help alot, im not sure about being immune to stuns for a few seconds but Id like to see a balanced way for stun locked to be stopped

my opinion…

There is an issue when its a random pug team against a 5man with great comp that focuses on chain stunning, however some of this will fix itself when we can reselect our characters. Then hopefully pug groups will be able to get a better team comp.

Stuns are super important to this game and instead of nerfing them how about a balance or reimagine to the CC duration gear to make that at least an option to combat the stuns before you change it for the whole entire game.


In theory yes but if I actively seek out the other teams healer and kill them with chain stuns then its not the enemy teams tanks fault.

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but thats how games like this is supposed to be played. Healers are public enemy number one!

Yeah the gear could definately help, maybe they could give it a buff but obviously not over buff it. I did see a thread (might have been yours) about having a percentage chance to ignore cc but personally I ddnt like the sound of the randomised gameplay.


Yeah thats what im saying, its not a tanks fault if they dont eat all the stuns as it is out of their control

that and a tank cant survive actually coodinated chain stuns. attikus melts, ive done it by accident as deande that happened to catch him after an alani bubble.
montana will melt. even boldur will die. stuns are literally his biggest counter. isic already isnt tanky enough when under his own control let alone when he lacks it. and galilea doesnt stand a chance stunned either.
if you consider kelvin a tank, he dies even faster than the rest because his crit spots the biggest


Exactly, what suggestions do you have to help stop the chain CC or do you think its okay?

Given that there is no matchmaking, you may not have a tank. You might have a group of beginner to intermediate players who pick easier characters they are more familiar with–rather than something that makes a good comp. Last time I got chain stunned, I was with 4 rank newbies going up against a group of tryhards that had a Kelvin, Kid Ultra, and I think a Galilea. After they farmed my teammates and killed our first sentry in Echelon, I was left trying to keep them off the second one with Ambra. At which point I ate Kelvin’s sublimate and then KU’s bolas and then Gal’s shield. That ring a bell at all?

What I “deserve”, in so far as I paid for it, is a game with matchmaking. Since that’s not what people got, it’s better to add diminishing returns to stun effects than to cater to the competitive players who use the queue as a fodder prelude to the pro scene that never emerged.


right now, i think is says something that its basically the counter to some characters to have to chain stun them and hope the stars are aligned to achieve a kill.

where the vast majority of the rest of the roster is down with only 1 stun. when chain stunning is no longer easily the best method (as i doubt any other tactic will shut him down quite as much, besides longer wounds, which would cause another host of imbalances if changed) then i think it can be addressed. until then, obv the only other option is to address the few characters who are nearly necessary to chain stun.

personally id love to see stuns get replaced with ‘roots’ or what have you. or buff cc gear. or create a cc tolerance gear with very low percentages of doing the ‘ignore’ thing.

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I mean, it kind of is the enemy team’s tank’s fault. They should have peeled for their healer.

If the tank dies, it’s the healer’s fault. If the healer dies, it’s the tank’s fault. If other characters die, it’s their own fault.

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I wrote a thread about gear a while back asking if people wore CC gear.

I also do not agree with randomizing the percent of CCs either. But I can tell you from experience of playing against heavy stun comps that a 2 seconds for a stun that is repeated or chained 2 or 3 times is death.

A suggestion, would be is having some kind of debuff removal. Adding it to healers or skills they have would be a great start.

reyna has a cc cleanse :stuck_out_tongue:


Isnt it her Ult in a helix choice as well? If her over-shield did it than that would work too.

Shhh. Don’t let that dirty little secret out.

Always wondered myself if that works but have never been in a position to test or actually paid attention when it would have worked!

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Kelvins crit isn’t the biggest but it is center mass and easy as hell to hit if he’s stunned.

It’s the biggest crit spot of the characters that can be defined as tanks.