Chain stuns are depressing

How can we fix the poison that is chain stunning? Nothing like getting stunned by kelvin, pulled by ghalt, stunned by boulder/galy/montana effectively being unable to do anything for the 4 seconds of stun and 1-3 seconds of getting pulled.

Really with stuns didn’t stack, instead a 2 second stun + 2 second stun = total of 3 seconds. Or reduce all 2 second stuns to 1.5 seconds.

It only takes a minimal amount of skill and moderate coordinating to pull this off. Especially if kelvin initiates making the pull childs play.

Im definitely heated about this lol.

Doesn’t help that galy is still op.


Inb4 CC item buffs please

Apparently, addressing Gal. is part of the next full update. Along with some other character changes. See the posts by Jythri in the latest Battle Plan thread for more info.

Unlock the hidden character Django.

He is Unchained.


stuns should be less effective with every consecutive stun imo… works in other games pretty well…

on the other hand, it’s the only effective way to take out an skilled lvl 5 + boldur, for example…

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