Challange Question - Unfriendly Fire

I’m hoping someone can clarify how to complete the “Unfriendly Fire” challange for me. This is a general challange under Meltdown which states “Kill 20 players as a team during a Meltdown match.” I’ve played 50+ meltdown matches in which my team has killed a combined 20+ enemy players as well as games where I have myself killed over20 players but I am still at level 1 for this challenge. I’m not sure if it’s bugged, possibly worded incorrectly or if I am just a moron but I’m hoping someone can clear it up for me. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I believe you have to have your entire team involved killing one person, aka 4 assists 1 kill.

Wait. Is that why I don’t have coopetive? Oh that’s some bs. That’s the one for 60 kills on your team. We’ve passed that a few times, but getting a five man kill every time… Ridiculous.

So your team would need to kill at least 20 players and those kills would need to have been assisted by every team member?? Damn that seems really tough

Wanted to follow up on the Unfriendly Fire challange. The other night I noticed I received a challange during a PVP Meltdown match that I felt went hand-in-hand. The challange I completed was: Landslide - “In a single match, achieve 20 Batteborn kills as a team”

Maybe I’m missing something but aside from the “Meltdown” requirement, this seem like the same exact description. Concidering I received “Landslide” playing Meltdown, one would think that I would be awarded w/ both…

As always thanks in advance for any insight/knowledge you can provide my OCD
/tiny brain :sleeping:

So, apparently, “kill as a team” and “achieve kills” are different things. Achieve kills is just your usual kill amount. Kills as a team requires everyone to be involved, as in 4 get an assist and and the last member gets the kill. This sounds impossible to pull off even once or twice, so twenty or sixty full team kills? You might wanna do this one later.