Challenge Accepted - Killing Spree

Thought I’d offer you all a challenge for the weekend, what with it being double credits and a good time to practice those moves before heading to your death online…

Challenge: Incursion Overgrowth / Versus Private Match (against A.I)(not human types) / Maximum Kills
Your Goal = 59 Kills

Interested to see who can get more and with what Battleborn :acmaffirmative:

The objective is to take over the healing room before the final sentry and use the Thumper and Healing station to your advantage. My previous best before tonight was 30 kills with Alani…kinda smashed it!

Go get em you nutters :smile:


Dude, beating up on noobs really isn’t boast worthy in my opinion. Fun? Sure. But I wonder how much fun any of those dudes had.

Uh…Private Match v Bots :confused:

Knew it was against bots the second I saw 59 kills. Even if this did happen in a real game the real question wouldn’t be how good said player is, it would be how bad and/or strangely persistent are those noobs.:laughing:


Haha fair enough but then you should probably clarify. I wouldn’t count a private match for kills.

I’ve encountered something close on a few occasions

Read the purple text. Look its just a friendly challenge, if you don’t like it fair enough, maybe others will.

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Fair enough. My bad.

This might take a while… lol

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The versus private match should say against bots, I thought you had private matched a 5v5. I was very impressed with the opposing team staying in the game even if it was a private match lol.
I wanted to bot match today anyway for the heck of it, I’ll post my results once I get home.