Challenge and mission items

I know this has likely been talked about before but challenge and mission item make no sense, why you may ask? well one reason is it gives another advantage to playing on pc whom can read-only farm another reason is that anointed items EXIST, ok imagine this you have a specific item you really want like, say, the Bekah so you go out and kill every. Single. Hunt. Enemy. You finally get it, it’s fade-away accuracy and handling, you’re on console so you either give up or make a entirely new character and play thru the entire 3 hour+ storyline and then activate mayhem 10, kill every hunt enemy AGAIN and pray to whatever god you worship that you get at-least a somewhat useful anoint or you just give up. I’m not saying that I’d like want the challenges removed I just want the items they give to be obtainable by non pc players, you could add them to a loot pool like for example the Bekah could be added to all the hunt enemies or ember’s flame could be add to jackbot, the pearl of ineffable knowledge could be added to like the empowered grawn, or you could add them to the circles of slaughter or the takedowns or just have them be world drops for their dlcs. I personally feel like these items are a slap in the face to those whom already are screw by the the problems of this game even more so than pc players.