Challenge/Gear Wording Ambiguous - What is "Minion", "Major Enemy", etc.?

I brought this up back in the Open Beta: the wording on many challenges (as well as some gear pieces) is FAR too “unclear”.

The one that bothers me the most is WTF defines a “minion” and a “major enemy”.

For example, Galilea’s unlock challenge really calls the definition of a “minion” into question. For example:

(Steam UI included for the purposes of showing timestamps - personal information redacted)

…So it’s clear from this that ONLY “minion robotic enemies” from the challenge “The Nuts and Bolts of War” are being counted (even though everything under that tab is classified as a “Minion” by the Challenge page), but that still doesn’t explain what exactly a “minion robotic enemy” actually IS - is it a specific type of enemy, or several? Which one(s)?

Even more ambiguous is what a “Major Enemy” is classified as. This appears on gear that boosts stats with temporary effects that are gained upon killing an “Enemy Player”, but they also say it can be triggered by killing a “Major Enemy”.

What exactly counts as a “Major Enemy” only Gearbox could say, as there is no information on this anywhere… >_<

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