Challenge Progress

Just wanted to touch base with the community and see how you guys are doing with the map challenges. And by the challenges i mean:

  • Vehicles
  • Dead Claptrap
  • Typhon logs
  • Crimson Radio
  • Assassin Contracts
  • Legendary Beast

ive been going section to section these past few days and getting things i have been missing. I think i am missing few car parts, but the rest is done. I think i finished with the claptrap stuff cause Veronica gave me a legendary gun. to acquire some of these things was a bit of a challenge, but glad i was able to get em. i cant believe i overlooked some of these things before.

Some are cool. However the challenges can only be done once per character. Anyway I have most of them done on my main but need to retrieve a couple more Clappies and radios.

Some of them radios are well hidden. I spent hours going around Eden 6 cause I barely missed em when I went through the map the first time