Challenge Survived

You know that feeling you get sometimes when you start a mission in UVHM, only to realise that you might not actually have the best gear for what you’re going to have to do?

Just finished “Bright Lights, Flying City” @ level 55 solo with melee Zer0, with only two corrosive weapons - level 53 green rarity lobbed corrosive grenade and Maliwan double phobia pistol. The shock weapons I had weren’t that inspiring either - a green vladof launcher of some kind, and a level 52 sticky quasar (nice but not powerful enough for level 56 rabid stalkers.)

I got through the first part after The Fridge by luring the stalkers to the hyperion bots and letting them hack each other; the surveryor just before the Gluttonous Threher fell to my “hide behind hte wall and shoot the eye out” tactic; I survived Overlook by using rocket runners, then sneaking along the side and popping out at random points to thin the Hyperion herd.

I’d originally thought I’d level up fast enough that I’d be able to switch to the level 56 goodies I’d brought along passed down from a previous character, but no luck - was still just under 56 by the time all was done and I was back in the now high-flying Sanctuary.

So, what’s you’re “by the skin of my teeth” story?

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