Challenge the chart 200000 up scores in The Heliophage with advanced mode

I Broke record in The Heliophage more than 200000 up scores with single player

Final Score 233200

(((Nobody’s stopping Trevor Ghalt)))


OK, your’re on! Love this :smile:

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Solo only you say? challenge accepted.

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Don’t reveal if you don’t want a scummy way to do this.

So… wait until final version of Rendain is at low health, then run the timer down to like 10 minutes, then kill him?

Time remaining doesn’t factor into score.

Conservator farming is probably the method used.

I’ll give a cookie to anyone who can beat my Void’s Edge score


advanced no normal :pensive:

Let me guess, rifts on the infinite Swarmer spawn? I found that racked up more than farming the Conservator’s minions, though I didn’t do it for 96 minutes lol. You could near on break 1,000,000 if you went the full two hours and killed the boss in the final minute.

Been a while since I did an Advanced Helio run, forgot how twisted some things are.
Really good run with Shane, ran out of time at the freakin steps:

Update: Went back with Shane, got Diamond but didn’t beat the OP score.

That’s only part of it. Just doing that alone only tops out around 300k if you’re vigilant in keeping the rifts up. There are some improvements I made to the strategy which changed the scores I could put up entirely.

I’m not sure one million is possible. I tried it multiple times with a friend using my strategy, and the servers simply can’t handle the amount of kills necessary to reach a million. Every time we tried we were on track to easily break one million once extrapolating out our score/minute, but the Battleborn server would crash before we could get there. I imagine forcing the game to process ~15-25 kills a second and then replace them immediately with new spawns is not dissimilar to DDoSing. We gave up after attempt number 3 ending in server crash, as we didn’t want to risk appearing as if that was our intention.

It might be possible if you used the tweak on the rift strategy I came up with to meter out the score/minute to be precisely exact in reaching one million with enough time left to beat the conservator, going as quickly as possible without going TOO fast, but my level of interest in the game has fallen rapidly since finishing all my 100 op runs of the last operation and getting radio silence from Gearbox on what the future of Battleborn entails.

This is the only One Million I’ve seen in this game:



Time spent does seem to increase your score, yes. Someone had a thing where they just sat at spawn, wiggling controls every minutes or so, but they ran the timer down and still got a ton of score for it.

You’re thinking of experience. Time does not affect score. I promise.

Ok friendo

I think you don’t believe me, but if you want to see for yourself, start up Saboteur Hardcore and walk away from the game for 10 minutes. You won’t be kicked for idling if you play solo. After 10 minutes, or even 90 if you prefer, walk off the edge in front of you. Your score will be 0. Your experience will be directly proportional to your time spent in game. That’s how experience in PvE works, it’s based on nothing more than time in a level. Completing challenges of course can add to your experience gained from time. Score is not the same thing as experience.

Sorry, the ok friendo wasn’t sarcastic or anything like that. I knew I should have put a sarcastic mark there!

I believe you!

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Let’s have an honest challenge in Advanced HC.

Hate to say it but it would have to be one of the dlc besides Phoebe since you can farm that one.

They (the ops, I mean) are all farmable except the first one, and there may be a method to farm the first one that I’m forgetting because I haven’t played the low ops point side objectives in so long.

In fact the only level I can think of that isn’t farmable may be the Experiment, but I’ve never gotten around to testing the final boss and leaving him alive long enough to test what that fight’s fail state consists of. Does he go around to those orbs one by one, and you lose if he corrupts each one? Never tried letting him do his thing unimpeded before.

That Conservator thing will keep moving and a group of varelsi will spawn towards the rock wall but I wouldn’t call anything that happens in that map farmable.

As for the dlc, you’d be hard pressed to farm the Mike dlc but it also doesn’t serve as a good challenge.
Sabo ia the only one I can think of that has minimal farming.

How do you farm the friendship raid?

…All you can do is not damage the evil Toby.
The rewards in that room are minimal though.

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