[CHALLENGE] The Poor Man's Vault Hunter

The rules are simple:

You may only use whatever gear can be scavenged in Concordia, or bought from Concordia vendors with money found in Concordia. Specifically:

1.) Items found in small cardboard boxes, safe boxes, lockers, dumpsters, or other common loot sources on the Concordia map.

2.) Items bought from vendors in Concordia, with money found in the loot sources listed in 1.) above.

3.) Items obtained from the Grinder, when feeding it ONLY those items found in loot sources in 1.) above.

Items forbidden:

1.) Quest rewards obtained in Concordia
2.) Items from Moxxi’s chest in the Up Over Bar
3.) Items obtained from slot machines in the Up Over Bar
4.) Items stored in the Bank
5.) Items stored in the Customs locker
6.) Items from the golden chest in Concordia

Additional notes:

1.) Ammo is unlimited, as it is not reasonably practicable to dispose of one’s on-hand ammo, and it is easily looted in the world.
2.) Items and money obtained anywhere outside the above-listed sources MAY NOT be used in the challenge, but may remain in a character’s inventory until such time as they may be sold or stashed.
3.) No quests may be turned-in for reward during the challenge.
4.) MoxxTails from the Up Over bar MAY be purchased and used, so long as they are purchased only with moonstones found by the above rules in Concordia.
5.) As always, BAR OFF.
6.) ALL ITEM ACQUISITION must take place in a single run. That is, it is not allowed to save/quit/continue, and then to continue collecting and/or grinding loot from previous iterations, until one has successfully acquired valuable enough loot. It’s like this. You pick your toon. You start the game. If not there already, you go to Concordia. You loot whatever you can there, within the above rules. Grind whatever you care to grind. Buy/sell. Equip your challenge-eligible gear. Go get 'em, Tiger!

The challenge? It should be obvious. Equip your toon by the above rules, then fight your way to a boss with ONLY that equipment, and come back here to recount the awesome.

Preferably, we’ll see video starting out with the character’s clean inventory, walking through picking-up loot throughout Concordia, and then fighting to and killing whatever boss. Failing that, at least throw up some screenies of the highlights.

The point is to show us your mad skillz. Typically, you’ll find a few white-rarity items around Concordia, and usually enough of at least one type to be ground together for a green. Most often, we’re talking about shields and pistols, though I regularly find ARs, SRs, and SMGs, as well. COMs are pretty rare, but the occasional grenade mod does turn up in a locker. STILL, a shield and a couple guns, and MAYBE a decent grenade mod, should be plenty.

Character level and game mode are entirely up to you. Selection of which boss to kill is also entirely up to you. The point, again, is to show off the skill by basically minimizing the equipment.

Good hunting!

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May as well call this “the search for Gwen’s other head”

Maybe I’m missing the joke…

But I gotta ask…

How so?


Added restriction against using golden chest/SHiFT loot, and of course, BAR OFF.

Gwen’s other head is found inside of a cardboard box somewhere on elpis

Yeah, in the Titan maps. Might be ONLY Titan industrial, and NOT Titan robot, but I’m not positive about that. NOT in Concordia that I’ve yet read, anyhow.

NONETHELESS, in the case that it CAN be found in CONCORDIA, let’s just say that it’s also a no-no.

Though I HAVE found blue gear on occasion in Concordia, and perhaps even a legendary something once. Was probably a Pitchfork. I don’t care much for them.

But yeah, seriously, I’ll go re-check CountKarloff’s loot maps, as well as wiki entries. If there IS a legitimate chance of finding GOH in Concordia, I’ll add that to the list. It would violate the spirit of this effort.

UPDATE: Confirmed that Gwen’s Other Head is ONLY found in the Titan Industrial Facility map, in one of five possible locations, much like it was in BL2 for Gwen’s Head (in one of five possible locations, randomly selected each time the map is loaded). Titan Robot yadda-yadda is a no-go, as is Concordia. Again, Spaseeba to CountKarloff for his absolutely first-rate loot maps. Those are high-quality products, and really publisher-quality stuff. Serious, I think they should pay him for that. Or WE should. Something. Crowd fund the dude?

Excellent idea!

Cool results to come i hope!

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Also known as 10 year vendor farming challenge, it’s not really a challenge in itself as eventually after resetting with enough money to buy a purple/blue shock weapon will get you through some boss run, but I mean if you have time to burn I guess it’ll waste a decent portion of it.

Also what’s stopping me from just sending a crap-gear Jack or Willhelm, heck even Clappy with an eventual Pirate Ship roll, and slap some of the easier boss runs with their skill trees alone?

Nothing is stopping you!

Do it and post some vids!

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So, what you’re saying is, that I should specify that a SINGLE load/run is all, and that one cannot, in the spirit of this challenge, save/quit/continue repeatedly until his loadout is all buff and purple? Cool.

It will be done.

Consider this notice of EDIT.

I’m on xbox so it’s not really feasible to get footage, but i mean just spec a Green-Blue Jack and run past’em, let your spawn explosions/digi jacks kill the mobs. As for a Boss, I’m sure something easy like denial or deadlift will eventually kick it to a bunch of digi jack missiles. Heck you can even run merger and use that for an actual weapon.

Pics or it didn’t happen. :wink:

Seriously, though. Go right ahead. It would be interesting to see, and it would help also put the strengths and weaknesses of each vault hunter’s skill trees in better perspective.

For instance, my heavily-laser-dependent Jack build would suffer under these rules. This would challenge me, as the player, to adapt. It would challenge my build, and might lead me to develop a more broadly-viable build, and in doing so, to lean a good bit about the character’s pros and cons. And maybe, JUST MAYBE, I’d discover a greater appreciation for some other character as well.

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Done. UVHM 70 Jack with no spec and no gear. Rummaging around Concordia once I found a bunch of white weapons (including a Tediore shotgun, which I kept as it was the only one I found), and like 4 green weapons, of which I kept a jakobs pistol and a corrosive bandit SMG. I also picked up enough money to use the slot machine in Up Over once (lost). I then used the grinder three times. Three white pistols got me a double Tediore pistol, and another three random whites got me a crappy green SM. I tossed all but the Tediore (big mag from the double thought it would make a decent grenade throw) into the grinder and I got a crappy blue scav pistol. I sold it and tried the slots again (lolnope). I was confident.that digi jacks, merger, and compound interest would be enough coupled with my scrub weapons (note no oz kit, nade, shield or com, but I already spec’d so I wasted a buncha pts) to take out some random boss. I first tried RedBelly, but without a kit and my ■■■■■■ nade jumping skills made it so I couldn’t even get to him. Then I tried deadlift. The mobbing was super easy,with merger melting basic mobs, BA digi jacks slaughtering large groups, and fully charged compound interests taking fifty percent off trash mobs.Deadlift however, with his constant bouncing and tracking laser shots, was a lost cause. So, I went to overlook, as I thought denial would be easy enough. Mobbing was still easy, especially with my corrosive SMG and badass Jacks. Denial itself was actually fairly easy albeit time consuming, as jacks and merger take off about a third with constant backwards leaping to avoid , you know dying. It took like 20 minutes of slow backwards bunny hopping while waiting for interest, merger shots, and BA Jacks, but It dieded.

I have some crappy cell phone videos of my “build” and the kill screen pause after merc’n denial. But that’s really all I could do cuz I can’t rly play with one hand and film.

I specc’d really badly because I didn’t realize I wasn’t going to find a shield and having tediore weaponry, so this would’ve been my ideal spec, given my weapons.


Thank you for the mind video!

Getting into the spirit of things!

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Great Idea!

“Finds torrent in a vendor”

Oh well, this was meant to be hard.

Swab claptrap, indifferent to gear.

Not entirely, even a +10 SWAB with LnS does like 6-700k max which is like a 2 shot for a trash mob, also without amazing shields those constant swabs might very well kill you.

lol try to find enough money in concordia to buy that torrent before shops reset.

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