Challenger Trophy/Achievement Enemies

Just a brief quick one. Does anybody know what enemies you actually have to kill to get the Challenger achievement? I am near the end of the game and some of the enemies i haven’t even come across yet!

Are you referring to this one?

If so, full details in that article. Note that you only have to kill the enemies in the vanilla game, not DLC-specific ones. You’ll see in that list which maps you need to have unlocked to access each type for the first time.

Sorry i should have made clear. I meant in TPS challenges! Because i am pretty close to the end and not come across any of i think the first 3 groups. I am wondering if they are in the DLC and so not needed

Oh, OK. Should be a thread/page for that… The complete lists for both BL2 and TPS are on the page linked below. The TPS ones are at the bottom of the list, separated by main game and then DLCs. You should only need tier 1 for the main game (no DLC) challenges, and only for those that are not area specific (i.e. no vault symbols needed).

Cheers dude, i will check it out tomorrow :slight_smile: