[Challenges]: A Numerical Analysis of PvP vs. PvE Completion Possibility

Anyone who looks at the challenge page can plainly see that many challenges need to be completed in either PvP Versus Mode, or PvE Story Missions, but I’ve long since thought the count of how many are for each ONLY was very “skewed”, and was curious enough to count them up and crunch the numbers.

Before I go any further, I want to qualify some “rules” I used when counting these up for certain situations:

  • This count is based on ONLY if a challenge is COMPLETELY impossible to complete in either JUST PvP, or JUST PvE. It does NOT count “much easier to complete in…” (i.e. you CAN complete the challenge to kill some kinds of Minion bots in PvP, even though it would be 100x faster in PvE).

  • For the character-specific lore challenges, I ONLY counted them in places where all 5 of them could NOT be completed in just PvP or just PvP, and I canceled them out (did not count them) when the character had both a lore that could only be unlocked via PvP and a lore that could only be unlocked via PvE (i.e. Thorn needs to kill 20 players in the air with Volley for one of her lores, but she also needs to complete The Archive on Advanced without dieing for another of her lores, so her lore “Challenge” is negated and ignored for both the PvP and PvE counts).

  • I counted “character unlock” challenges based on the main completion method even though they all have a set Command Rank (i.e. even though ISIC can be unlocked by playing only PvP matches through the required Command Rank, I still counted it towards the “PvE Only” category).
    *I chose to count these this way because unlocking the character via Command Rank does NOT complete the challenge, and it can still be completed even if you already have said character unlocked

Anyways, here are the results:

There are 255 Challenges at the moment (which is either a hilarious coincidence, or they only wanted to use a single data block for them lmao).

Of the challenges:

89/255 (approximately 34.9%)

26/255 (approximately 10.2%)

So by this count, there are more than 3x as many Challenges that can only be completed in PvP than Challenges that can only be completed in PvE.

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