Challenges Broke

In my game the challenges in the log book don’t show up when I try to look at them. The challenges also are in achievable so my progress is soft locked. This was fine for previous updates but broke with the newest update v 1.0.5 . Does anyone else have this problem?

@jdtexa24 I experienced the same problem. I have been unable to view the challenges in the logbook, and also unable to complete any of the challenges. For example I was playing online with friends and we tried to unlock Acrid from the void fields. Everyone unlocked him except for me.

Hi @samcarsonV I was actually able to fix this problem but it required me to delete my save data and restarting from the beginning of the game having to regain all my lost progress. So unless your willing to bite the bullet and restart then your going to have to wait for some patch that solves your issue, since I wasn’t able to find anything else that worked.

@jdtexa24 thanks for the help.

Hi all. In my last run I got an item called Ifrit’s Decision, I wanted to know more about it but googling it doesnt show anything for risk of rain 2. Am i missing something?