Challenges for when things go stale

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I’m getting a little bogged down with doing the same old things on BL2/TPS. Because current games pretty much suck, i’m keen to still stay playing, so i’m looking for interesting ideas to make it fresh for myself!

I’m getting frustrated with my Krieg peak run, and nothing else is currently keeping me interested.Looking for input!

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Go play Borderlands 1.


I find BL1 pretty boring if i’m honest.


Well, to each their own.


I’ve got a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet I use that randomly chooses a character and a map for me to play. So once those two things are predetermined, I roll through and knock out however many missions or challenges I feel like doing at that time. With the choice being somewhat out of my hands, it helps keep the game fresh for me. And it encourages me to go back and play maps that I had largely ignored before (especially in the DLC).

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Sounds interesting, any chance I could obtain a copy of that spreadsheet?

Hmm, if I can figure out a way to send it to you, then absolutely.

PM’d you.

Not that I go for these much, but there are the BAR challenges. If you think the Peak is tough, just try completing Crouching Tiger Hidden AR :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m a fairly linear player if you haven’t guessed already : one toon from 0-72+. This takes me so long that I forget how to play the others ( it’s been 3-4 years since Zer0 - he’ll be next ).


I considered these, so maybe.

I’m with @AMG_75 with the BL1 suggestion. We need to coop that game. It will not be boring, I promise. ;)[quote=“Vinterbris, post:1, topic:1561683”]
i’m looking for interesting ideas to make it fresh for myself!

if that’s the case, I say put your crocks on with your wife beater and cut-off jeans and roll on over to Wam Bam Island for some R&R. :blush:

Edit: Ever done any BAR challenges? Oops, looks like @Jefe beat me to the BAR suggestion. :expressionless:


I’m with @Kurtdawg13 on this. while the way I push my BAR Higher is boring/tedious/repetitive, focusing on what it would take to “Prestige” isn’t. Ones like “Killing unaware Enemies with a Sniper” isn’t that easy/quick to complete.
My suggestion on this, pick 2 or three BAR Challenges to run around concentrating on at a time to get a 100% completion.

Other Ideas include

  1. A Shotgun Run (only Shotguns no other gun types)
  2. Sniper Run (same)
    and so on (you get the idea)
    you can even spice that up by limiting to certain types of gear (shields, Relics, etc.) along with those runs also
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Try to 100 percent one character!
Its easy to knock off badass ranks doing this aswell.

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I’ve always felt that a “only white rarity” gear run would be interesting and challenging

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Level all Characters maybe? I still have Kreig and Gaige to do, with an Axton still fighting hard (yeah struggling) :slight_smile:


That’s an offer you can’t refuse.