Challenges in private matchmaking

Please make challenges count in private matchmaking since theres no good pvp matchmaking going on and I dont want to grind story mode…please xp and challenges in private matchmaking

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Ditto, I did originally think it was fair enough to have no challenge progress in Private PVP, and I was happy enough just earning XP in private,
Then I realized that a lot of the lore challenges for the Battleborn I main, actually require you to play public match =/
which is pretty annoying as I much prefer playing with and against friends.

This will lead to boosting and people not earning their titles and challenges. Not to mention fast levels. Get out there and play with people, don’t be salty susans.

Yeah but theres challenges like kleese play a match on every map and if u play most people choose paradise making it 20 matches just to get 1/14 bits for his lore, also other people like bennidet to play with 3 other peacekeepers 5x, u have more of a chance with private. Not to mention challenges like win x times on one map, the community only chooses one map, 1/20 times its the other map…so win 100 times on coldsnap would take 1000 games even then u might not win… Not to mention when the game starts dieing but theres still loyal players who want to get lore and all then it will be impossible…there needs to be a system that doesnt rely on public matchmaking…my suggestion Buff the ai and make challenges count only with full teams and unique characters to earn challenges in private matchmaking to earn challenges