Challenges make me afraid to kill/loot anything... if they aren't already impossible to begin with

They often appear so late that they can’t be completed anymore since half of the stuff I’m supposed to kill/loot is already gone. Kill 5 evolved Thrall? Whoops, already killed two, aaaand the wave is over. Score 1000 points? Nope, those remaining five gun bots do not yield those, and chests are aleady looted. Open 10 chests? Too bad, I’m on The Archive and we’re back at the starting area where everything is already looted. Build 3 Thumper Turrets? Already built… The list goes on. This is not fun. Challenges can yield loot packs as rewards (gotten up to rare packs so far) so missing out on one simply because it’s an impossible task is infuriating. Revisit that system please.


Yep. I second this. I find this problem only too happen during the archive.


The challenges trigger when you cross a certain point on the map. So if you learn those points, you can anticipate a bit. For example, on Algorithm after clearing the bridge and breaking the crystals, a challenge always pops up as soon as you enter the next area on your way to encounter Geoff, but will auto-fail if you back out. Since the actual challenge seems to be randomised (kill 5 minions, smash 10 barrels, loot 10 crates) you can’t necessarily avoid killing enemies that would count towards the challenge before hand; on the other hand, you might get a different challenge at the same spot next time.

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Some do, other’s not. Raid missions’ trigger from entering areas, but Challenges during defense waves e.g. seem to be time triggered, hence the big danger of killing stuff too early. Nowadays I just don’t kill anything for like 10 seconds when a defense wave starts because it might ruin a challenge. The very fist wave on The Experiment can issue a challenge that is very prone to being/becoming impossible e.g…

I just mostly ignore these now. If we finish them in the course of our regular play then it’s a bonus. I don’t go out of my way to complete them if it’s going to be virtually impossible.


The challenge system is essentially broken. During beta the timeframes to finish the challenges were ridiculously short (I seem to recall timeframes of around 10-15 seconds!), and that was fixed, but Gearbox never fixed the root issue of challenges being generated that are impossible to complete.

It is not a huge deal, as you only miss out on some credits and maybe a warm, fuzzy feeling for completing it, but the point remains that a challenge should always be possible to complete.

It would also be nice if completing the challenges meant more, but until the foundations of it are fixed, that is not even worth discussing.

I wouldn’t care as much if it really only was 25 credits I’m missing out on, but they can (and regularly do, for me) drop Loot Packs, even rare ones sometimes.

I wish it would notify you when a challenge begins as I usually don’t notice it’s going on until it’s too late

Yeah, they need to either make it so they are set from the beginning of the mission or make it so the challenges count what you’ve already accomplished in the area…

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I just want an audio cue for when a challenge pops up.

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I have gold on all but Renegade normal. I am also level 40. Its annoying as heck when I play with low level guys who just rush in and think they can rambo everyone in the game. Plus I am the only one that has a mic, so I tell them dont pick up anything until the challenges happen. Does anyone listen to me, no!!! So, if you rambo and I am in your game, chances are I am leaving you die!

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That would work for me!

Randoms never know wtf they are doing and end up killing things before they count for challenges. You shouldn’t have to anticipate this stuff. What you are talking about only counts for certain challenges that you really have to search for to get done. There are way more challenges that become impossible because they only register FAR, FAR too late. Like on the renegade when you have to kill the Flood pimples. Chances are FAR too many kill themselves on your teammates and when you get them all dead, it’s a full 13 second wait until another wave of them spawns, rendering this near impossible.

Also, can we get a preview of what we get from fulfilling challenges? Unless it is loot or look packs, it isn’t worth going out of the way to do. The miniscule amount of credits I usually get never justify the risk.

I second this.
A unnecessary nuisance that just needn´t be there …

If you buy a lot of epic packs those credits add up… Though I feel they should be worth more…

I jusy hate how challenges are random for each player. E.g my friend got 25 credits from one in a mission while partied together and I got an epic pack instead of credits. Wtf. Why do we each get different gear? So unfair to parties doing story missions.

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This is insanely annoying. It keeps happening to me at the same time on like the third story mission. I get to the first defense point and the swarmers come out and start fighting the thralls and suicide diving on the objective and stuff. Most of them get killed, there are like 5 left, all the thrall are still there, and then the challenge comes up to kill 20 swarmers. Thanks guys. I’ve had it happen on Heliophage, too, where you have to clear the area where the thrall spawn. All the thrall spawn, the little ones rush you and get slaughtered, there are like 4 left hiding somewhere and start trickling in one at a time and THEN the challenge comes up to kill 10 or 20 of them or whatever it is. It gets really frustrating when they start giving you challenges that you just can’t do.

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I don’t like the challenges, but I don’t dislike them. Basically, I mostly just ignore them, and if my team happens to accomplish them and get something nifty then great! If not, oh well, they seem random and out of place enough that I wouldn’t have ever missed them if they were never in the game at all. To me, they just add an occasional spiffy bonus to doing what I’m already doing.

Given the name “challenges,” however, leads me to believe that this was not Gearbox’s intent, lol, for me to mostly ignore them unless I see one that seems particularly viable --usually the “kill two bonecrusher Thralls” is pretty obtainable with some minor changes to focus, and comes at the right time. If there’s one to loot stuff, sorry, I probably already looted it during the down time or when I saw it because that’s the most reasonable time to loot things. If it’s a challenge to kill so many of a specific enemy type, if I see them I kill them, if I don’t then it’s not worth it to me to seek out wherever they might be on the map (as many players have already complained about, odds are that they’re already too many dead).

The simplest solution would be this–keep the random challenges, but also implement a “spawn” of whatever is necessary to complete the challenge at the same time. It would be amusing sometimes and it would add some more variety to the missions. During one run item pickups could have rained from the sky during a tense battle with some Varelsi, during another 25 more Thrall could have arrived just to complicate things even further.

I feel like most of the issues with the challenges would be solved with doubling the time limit, though, honestly, I don’t need the time limit, but shrug.

This solves the problem of the enemy you need spawning in the back, or not spawning soon enough.

The problem that this does not solve is that sometimes you have to kill 20 enemies, but you killed 1 before the challenge started and now there are only 19… :rolling_eyes:

So, just start the challenges sooner and then it falls once again into the first category.