Challenges ruining multiplayer

You need to do something about challenges. I was in a multiplayer match and another person apoligized that we might lose because he was working on challenges and not trying to win the game. You either need to remove challenges from multiplayer modes or make them dependant on wins or on the co-op campaigns. This is how it is done in Smite. You get challenges that ask you to win so many rounds as a certain character, win rounds in a certain mode, or win rounds with a certain class of characters. All the challenges are based on winning the game. You have challenges that force players to ignore the main multiplayer match theme and go off and do their own thing to complete the challenge. I just played a Meltdown match and lost 13 to 500. The rest of my team didn’t even try. They were all attacking the other players. I kept getting attacked by the other team and had no backup.

Please do something about challenges!


I’ve seen this a lot in many games. I don’t think they should change it, their lore challenges are interesting and unique. Having a bunch of “win x 5 times” is lame and boring.

I go in to missions trying to complete my lore challenges, too. Get 500 quick melee kills with Whiskey??! Yeah, that’s not going to help us win the match, but w/e.

You’re making it out to be a much bigger problem than it is, and I’m sure that Meltdown match had more to do with other things than it did with lore challenges.

Still, challenges shouldn’t interfere with the winning of a game. Make a team deathmatch mode for that challenge then or have it only pertain to the control point mode. Keep it out of Incursion and Meltdown. These are MOBA like modes. There are objectives that can’t be ignored to win the game. If you are off getting melee kills, that is not helping.

From what I’ve seen some of these are better done in campagin anyway (kill 800 enemies etc) there are just more enemies to kill. The player specific ones have to be done in multiplayer though (kill 50 players etc). In that case I think also competitive play should aleviate some of that. But it won’t be there for a couple months. I think we’ll just have to deal with this for now. Multiplayer games with randoms tend to have these type of issues.

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Nyahhh I think its an issue of bad teamplayers, not an issue of the challanges.
If some idiot ruins a match for 4 others just for his challange its his fault that he´s an egoistic idiot. Its not the games fault that it gives players an opportunity to do challanges.

My opinion: GBX cannot change people. And I think they should not change their work because some people use it the wrong way.

I only do Incursion, and I get my melee kills in there. I’m not a dick, though, and I would like to win.

The most harm I do is by meleeing the minions when they are starting to break. And this does gimp my team. It adds a good 5 seconds to dropping each wave of minions (though, I hardly do it each wave). It’s not a huge factor, and it doesn’t cause loses.

I understand where you are coming from, but really, there is nothing more that can be done. The game JUST came out, and after a little while, the number of challenge players will die down substantially. There are only a few who are going to forsake the entire battle to do their challenges. Most players are capable of juggling multiple goals.

Came here via my own thread which you also commented on (thanks!)…
And I agree…

And yes, I too think the fix would be a team death match type scenario…
People can still complete their lore that way, and not completely ruin things for their competing team in other match scenarios…

That, or like another thread I wrote titled ‘A reason NOT to surrender (I believe in you buddy!)’…
I outlined how people can pretty much complete those things if they find themselves on the losing team (long way from making a comeback - don’t surrender, find something else to do, pretty much)…

Everything just needs a work around, and/or a tactics change…

We don’t need to continuously screw one another like we keep reading, haha.

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I still think that one should be able to complete challenges in private PVP vs. Bots. This would allow players to pursue those PVP challenges without harming their team by pursuing an alternative objective, allow players who don’t like PVP to still achieve those challenges (cough cough and bots are much more willing to vary their team composition so you might actually see an enemy Ambra or allied Kleese cough cough)


I agree completely.

I imagine the devs might be afraid that some players might cheese their challenges by going easy mode against bots. But, really, whatever, it isn’t a challenge if you easy mode it. And it hardly affects anyone to let people have that option.

I don’t really care if my team mate isn’t doing ■■■■. I don’t care if my team has only 4 people. The majority of the time this game is fun and feels fair. Gally aside… lol.

It’s not really gearbox’s fault that people are idiots and do not care about other people’s gaming experience. The primary objective should be winning the game - fairly straightforward but people would rather complete the lore challenges… I like the lore challenges myself but there are a few that are prompting a lot of quitting (play on the same team as x, kill x so many times) simply because people are going for lore challenges + guaranteed legendary item as their primary objective.

Perhaps things that will more directly help win the game should be future challenges; capture and hold objectives, kill shepherds before they fire second overshield boost, dealing damage while keeping central territory, destroying thumper turrets and accelerators, Recruiting thralls AND damage to sentry.

Keep all the challenges that might cause people to intentionally pursue goals not helpful to the team on story missions/non competitive playlists

They don’t it’s the people that are trying to get them that interfere. I just play the match normally knowing eventually I’ll get the challenges done anyway.


It blows my mind. I’m lvl 75 and I have no interest in victorys anymore. I’m at 4 first bloods with Ghalt and need 6 more. I’ve been outright robbed on at least 5 occasions by teammates. Solution: quit every game after getting first blood or if I didn’t get first blood quit anyways to speed up the game with my team being handicapped. So I can try again in a more timely matter. It’s literally in my best interest to not care at all about victories and everything about challenges.

Selfish yes, idiot no. Your an idiot to not go for challenges and get the gold at the end of the rainbow. I was a team player at first, now I realize being a team player is counterintuitive to maximize growth potential.

People like you are ruining this game and if you don’t see that then I can’t help you, but I do hope to never see you in my games. Which console are you on?

If you think being a team player is ‘counterintuitive to maximize growth potential’ then perhaps you’d prefer playing CoD? Do you enjoy playing this game? Why quit in the first minute?

I don’t care about your feelings or anybody else’s. I want gear

You didn’t even address most of my reply so I’ll assume you don’t have an answer for it.

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It’s cute how you didn’t answer or address my previous statement. Show me proof that being a team player is more fruitful then pursuing challenges. It’s cool I’ll wait. Brace yourselves as people stop having fun and start trying to complete challenges you’re going to see a whole lot more of it.

Yea or me as toby letting myself die in midfield trying to kill stuff with my on death proc explosion for lore. Or me as toby letting people escape or kill other friendly players while setting them up for a double kill with toby’s trash ultimate (which isn’t even getting buffed in the patch LOL!).

I mean, some of them are fun, but other’s are just downright lame. The lore challenge should NOT be completed by letting yourself be killed. It’s funny that it’s there, but OMG how many deaths I’ve fed to enemy teams to get that skill to proc… and how often I’ve let half wipes of the enemy team get away just to die trying to set up a 2fer ultimate kill.

Toby’s stuff is just trash, and the lore challenges should be challenging… but should NOT put your team at a disadvantage. Just like battlefield’s weapon challenges that included things like get a headshot from 700m + while on top of a huge water tower thing far away from the actual objectives. The map was unplayable for 3 weeks or so because over half the people playing were fighting over a nonessential tower and no one was actually playing.

I got a lot of my 500 melee kills with whiskey by punching the big shards.