Challenging playthroughs

In borderlands 2 I am constantly starting new characters with set requirements to challenge myself. So far I’ve got a bunch of characters doing farming runs, 1 lifes, 100% completions and randomised allegiance runs. I was wondering if anyone could add to that list of challenging playthroughs to help keep the life in this game for me and many others. I have considered a white gear play through but that seems boring to me. For whatever reason.

I don’t know about an all white, but you could go with a no unique play through

My particular flavor of allegiance runs is a little different: this is meant to maximize the experience defined by a given manufacturer’s weapon/shield gimmick and availability (but not the COM, because those actually take away from the manufacturer experience when limited like this).

1: Grenades: only grenade mods from the chosen manufacturer may be used.
A) For the Jakobs allegiance (who does not make grenades nor Moxxi weapons nor slag weapons) a Shock Leech and Slag Transfusion are allowed. Plus, Zer0 is my Jakobs rep, and the OP levels are brutal without these. :blush:
B) Every non-Maliwan build gets one magic-themed grenade for grenade regeneration, but is not allowed to use it in combat.

2: Shields: only shields from the chosen manufacturer may be used.
A) Exceptions to this are shields made by Anshin or Pangolin (which may freely be used by anyone, since these manufacturers don’t make weapons).
B) Gaige may carry any shield in the game for use with Deathtrap, but she may only wear it long enough to fire off Sharing is Caring, and then must switch back to her normal shield.

3: Guns: only guns from the chosen manufacturer may be used.
A) Only one of each red-texted (Legendary, Seraph, Unique, Pearlescent) weapon may be used. By this, I mean that my Vladof build only gets one Infinity, my Hyperion build only gets one Bitch, etc. An exception to this is the Fibber, as I consider each different barrel type a separate weapon.
B) If a manufacturer doesn’t make a gun type, the character does not get to use an alternate. The Vladof build does not get shotguns nor SMGs; the Maliwan build does not get assault rifles, the Jakobs build does not get Moxxi weapons, for example.
C) Each character gets to use only one weapon per unique type/element/tech (and barrel, but only for Torgue/Vladof assault rifle options) combination, with preference going to red-texted weapons. For example, Maliwan makes the Volcano and Storm, which are fire-only and shock-only non-e-tech sniper rifles, so the Pimpernel and Chère-amie (also non-e-tech sniper rifles) may not have either of these elements. Since Maliwan does not make explosive or non-elemental sniper rifles, the Pimpernel and Chère-amie must therefore be either slag or corrosive, which eliminates all the available slots for other non-e-tech sniper rifle types; this Maliwan build does not get to use Sniders, Rakehells, Corinthians, or Jerichos, since they would duplicate the non-e-tech elemental sniper rifle role already taken by a Unique/Legendary/Pearlescent rifle (unless it is the gem-skinned exception).
D) If more than one element/type slot will be filled with non-Unique weapons, their barrels must be different (one cannot have two Pooshka’s, for example, even if the elements are different).
E) Only one gem-themed weapon may be used per build, and may be used as a single exception to the two rules above.

4: Relics and COMs may be used freely by anyone without restrictions.

Other than these gear restrictions, I do have some fun games I like to play other than the basic map clearing runs (Teen Wolf, Toss the Boss, Personal Lootsplosion, Scavenger Trap, Crap Shooting, Railroaded, Hired Help) to keep things interesting. My newest (from another post here) is trying to score at least four Eridium off the back of an one-armed Bandit, with the restriction that you can’t kill him nor any of his peers until you get that win (or better).

I’ve been bouncing around the idea of an entirely dice-rolled skill build. Got a new skill point? ROLL A DIE TO SEE WHERE IT’S SPENT!