Champ in private, slaughtered in public

I am still new to MOBAs and so I’m trying to get the tactics down. I’m finding I can dominate most every versus game when there are AI bots involved, I get crazy high scores with all around good stats, but when I play a match with actual people, I play horrible. I feel like my team can never group together and get on the same page, and I end up getting double or triple teamed constantly. It takes the fun out of the game.

I’m not finding much as far as general advice for strategy, so if anyone has helpful advice, I’d love to hear it. I tend to work most with Montana and Marquis. With Montana, I try to build him up cold, so he doesn’t overheat and regenerates health when the barrel is not hot. I push the lanes with him and stun and then freeze and blast away, retreating when things get crazy. This works well against AI, but I die quickly otherwise.

I feel like a tank in private matches against AI but fall down easy as soon as I play with actual people. I feel like I overheat a lot faster when in an actual match as well, which is causing problems.

I love this game in private versus modes and in story mode - I just wish I could enjoy it as much in a public versus match, without getting slaughtered.

First we have to admit the matchmaking is currently crap.
And the only tips I can give you are :

  • Focus the objective like crazy
    meltdown > kill the minions and push
    incursion > kill the minions, push and focus the sentinel
    capture > move together and capture points
  • Try to rank up as fast as possible, that means kill bots and build constructions
  • Pick up shards between waves of bots
  • In capture try to get the neutral varelsi scouts

But mostly, DO NOT FIGHT unless if it’s needed, rest of the time focus on your objectives. Especially on meltdown (A.K.A the most played gamemod I believe)


I feel you bro - I play mostly PvE and Battleborn is my first moba-like game. (Its no moba btw)
You don´t have to feel bad, to play against other players is always harder, because their actions are´nt so predictable. My opinion : at least 45-50% are pure luck. To be lucky is a big part.

Another part is to play as team. You don´t even have to talk to your teammates, but you need to know their character-roles & abilities, yours, and how to “use each other” ^^
Here in the forums are many topics with people looking for teammates, its easier & more fun than to play with total randoms.
(Which platform are you on? XB1 if you want 2 casual teammates! :heart: )

Also concentrate on the main mission target. Kills are good, but the main objective brings the win.

As for Montana & Marquis I sadly cannot help you, I main Orendi exclusively^^

I wish you the very best and that you may get some helpfull tips arround here.


I would take you up on your offer, but I’m on the PS4. I keep hearing to focus on the objective and more on minions than player kills, but I find that the players on the other time almost always push super agressively in my lane and I am forced to combat them in order to remain in the lane and do anything at all. Gets frustrating.

I appreciate the advice.

You’re welcome to join my PS4 community, ‘Battleborn Forumites’. There’s almost 100 members now, most of them from this forum. We’ll look after you. :slight_smile:

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If you’re playing on meltdown, you should :

  • Go close to your big bot to get the overshield bonus
  • Focus the enemy’s big bot
  • Then destroy the tiny one
  • Try to have always 2 person on each lane, unless if the enemy is doing a 1-4 or even 0-5 (i’m talking about the amount of players on each lane)
  • Always put at least one person on a lane
  • Grab the shards at 28min, the ones from the middle & side are the most important (tactical advantage I’d say) and the one behind you are the most valuable (more shards)
  • Try to destroy & build as many buildables as possible
  • Spawn some big bots when you see the enemy being on mainly 1 lane, it’s 20 points for 1 fat bot.
  • Try to take down the enemy’s accelerator & rocket towers & healing station

I’ll do that, Ryballs. Thanks!

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Until you get matched up against other forumite users, then we fight to the death. :wink: so much fun

My three man forumite team and 2 rando’s took out a 5 man forumite team today…mhm ya!


Don’t feel bad, I suspect a lot of us that don’t play a lot of games like this but found Battleborn compelling are in the same boat. One thing you might try is to play a support where you can help your team without having amazing skill and won’t be expected to get as many kills.

I’m struggling with Ghalt right now. Like the character a lot, but I’m always low on the damage charts because I’m not good at choosing the right moments to be aggressive and when to back off. I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone a bit because my preferred play style is to hang back more. But I can wreck in a bot match with him. So don’t feel bad, just keep at it.

its opposite for me

most of my friends i play with focus on player kills over killing the minions in meltdown so i end up losing . most matches i win are with randoms

Off topic but you put a great community together Ryballs. I’m in it and am very impressed. Quality folk we got here, really. Says a lot that this games community is so welcoming. I’m sure @ukulelejosh will get good real quick.


Thanks, glad you like it :blush:

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It might just be your play style vs character choice. Try to experiment on different characters in vs mp because some have better roles in pve vs pvp for aggressive players. My original goal when I first started playing was to main a ranged character or tank like melee character but ended up with Rath as my main and current favorite. When I play campaign, I chose a ranged or tank character to rack up ai kills . If that’s what you are doing and you want to stick to Montana , concentrate on the ai and objectives in pvp until you learn the ropes on being focus fired or out gunned etc. Don’t worry about your stats or trying to force the character to your style , just learn your role.

Montana is a marshmello without a healer on the team early game though imho.

I would say lean toward gear that helps crowd control, shield penetration and cool downs. He’s heavily reliant on his traps and the main weapon is a BB gun to melee characters with shields .

Is anyone free to join the community? I really really want to get into the pvp but Ive only played versus private because the matchmaking I’ve heard about has turned me off pub matches. Don’t really have anyone to play with so I just play pub story. I’m command rank 34 with isic 15, Oscar mike 12, miko at 8. I will play support as much as needed I’m currently working on unlocking the last 2 miko mutations.
Also want to start on getting all gold on advanced and then hardcore. Completed all normal with gold so far
Let me know thanks!

Edit: I have a mic also as I know communication is key to success in battleborn pvp. Would love to get a solid group to play pvp with

Yup anyones free to join @phoreverphamily. Just find it and press “join community”

Remember that the game isn’t about pk, though pk at the right times can help.

For example, one of the nasty tricks you can play with Oscar is sneak into the enemy backfield and steal their shards. You only want to do this if your team is actively getting your shards and the center shards. This puts your team at an advantage when it comes to buildables IF you can do this successfully several times. Destroy their buildables while you’re back there to increase your advantage.

This is usually my job. I confess I feel like a total sneaky bastard and at the same time a utter tool.

“Ohh I’m awesome, and acting like a complete sham, but it’s ok cause I’m playing the objectives, still kinda badass, and shameful.”

What…I’m full of deep emotional gamer baggage. :grin: