Champion Skin Challenge for Miko is not on Challenge List

(GreyWarden007) #1

Can anyone tell me how to get it?

(Jennerit Supremacist) #2

Do the Prologue. It unlocks the champion skins for Rath, Miko, Orendi, Thorn, Montana, OM. Maybe one or two more. I can’t remember.

(GreyWarden007) #3


(wisecarver) #4

The others are Archive and Helio but you don’t have to finish the map.

(GreyWarden007) #5

Got all the black skins! Really think the Prologue should be required before you can play anything else. I know I skipped it at first and it really would help new players.

(ClkwrkCuttlfish) #6

I thought you did have to play it first. It has been a year though. Maybe they changed it?

(GreyWarden007) #7

I started playing as soon as it was available and I didn’t play the prologue first. I was so anxious to play and was sure I could figure everything out myself. Wish I had played it first; would have saved me from some frustration.