Champion Skin Challenge for Miko is not on Challenge List

Can anyone tell me how to get it?

Do the Prologue. It unlocks the champion skins for Rath, Miko, Orendi, Thorn, Montana, OM. Maybe one or two more. I can’t remember.



The others are Archive and Helio but you don’t have to finish the map.


Got all the black skins! Really think the Prologue should be required before you can play anything else. I know I skipped it at first and it really would help new players.

I thought you did have to play it first. It has been a year though. Maybe they changed it?

I started playing as soon as it was available and I didn’t play the prologue first. I was so anxious to play and was sure I could figure everything out myself. Wish I had played it first; would have saved me from some frustration.

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