Champion Skins!

So I’ve noticed that the original 6 characters (orendi miko mike Montana Ruth and marquis) all have champion skins as well. anyone know how to unlock them bc I still haven’t gotten them

Play thru the prologue

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Aiight thanks man appreciate it

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Yeah, play through the prologue. And as for characters unlocked through story missions, you may also have to replay those story missions to get them. I know I had to redo the story missions for ISIC, Mellka, Deande and Caldarius.

But you don’t get a legendary loot pack for completing the prologue with the diamond ranking. :disappointed_relieved:

You can just set the mission to advanced/hardcore and throw yourself off the map and it should count towards unlocking the champion skins, provided that you did the character’s challenge before the update.

I’m glad I didn’t, I got a gold medal on heliophage on Advanced for the first time, using Deande. And a medal on Algorithm advanced, that is blue with a pinkish/purple symbol in the middle. I have no idea what that one is, but I got it looks nice. I got it with a score of 78K, so I’m thinking it is whatever medal is above gold, but I have no idea. I’m just glad I didn’t just kill myself, that would’ve been boring. So redoing story missions to get them can be a good thing. And did this go off-topic? I think this went off topic. So to put this back on topic, thanks for that bit of advice, I believe that will help people get these champion skins easier than redoing the entire story.

The only reason why I decided to do it was because I had already done it before to unlock Deande pre level 38 a while back. That, and I didn’t want to have to run through the whole of the Heliophage on adv again to earn something I technically should already have unlocked. However, I could see the benefit of running it through again for the new scoring system and those loot packs. :two_hearts:

Those are the new diamond score medals. Every time you earn one, you receive a legendary loot pack. You can earn up to 32 from running normal, adv, normal/hardcore and advanced/hardcore on every story mission.

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