Chance to revive beloved dead mods - Need help from Devs or smart peeps

Here’s my problem. I love and wanted to play a mod called FreeSpace: Fleet Command v4 for HWRM.
It seems pretty clear the big 2.0 update broke the mod after reading the devs comments on the workshop page around the time the update was released. He worked hard for 2 months after the update 2.0, giving the fans of the mods information on progress and the issues, but they never got it to work. After that it was dead silent from the devs.

So I have a few suggestions, if I could receive help that would revive not just this mod, but many others.

  • Could the devs from Gearbox make it possible so from steam we could choose to downgrade to an older update?
  • Does anyone else know of a way to install a different version of HWRM if the gearbox devs don’t help us? Preferably the latest version before 2.0? Is there any way at all? If not can we make it happen?
    (If so, would the mod still be able to launch from the workshop, or does the mod have to be applied to the game in a different manner?)

I have wanted to play this mod for years, and just accepted the fact it will probably never happen again… But MAYBE, it doesn’t have to be this way?

Btw I know there’s an older version of the mod for the classic HW2, but they did a lot of changes for the HWRM version. Old version is called version 3 for HW2 and new version is called version 4 for HWRM so there’s a lot of added stuff, features , dynamic AI and so on.

Thanks for the incoming help :slight_smile:

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