Chances for sns coming back?

do you think, they could make a return?
right know i can’t think of a better way to create a massive hype but to announce an other weapon brand to enter the game
it could be tied in with a future DLC pretty easy

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Yeah for sure I mentioned this for months before the games release S&S returning. It’d be nice to see that in the future.

sure, it was talked about a lot, also because of the data leak
but now, i dont know if it could still be a thing to release a new brand post launch

While it would be interesting Vladof does everything S&S did. Unless they got its own unique mechanic to them it would be pretty pointless honestly. So good thought, but much easier said then done in a meaningful way…

Yea ofc. they need their own little gimmick and that’s the most fun thing about this. :smiley:
They were always very high tech for their time. They could have a lot of cool features that would somehow fit their motto or they would have a new slogan.

I suppose they could have substantially lower rate of fire, more damage and bigger clips but that’s not enough to differentiate them from the other manufacturers. For unique mechanics maybe they could give them various toggles like endless clips on a cool down and other neat gimmicks? It’s hard to think of anything that would fit the theme they had for some reason XD

Yea it’s hard because vladof has high magazines and cov officially took the place after bandit. I would think of something like auto refilling ammo. Basically what mozes skilltree is already doing. Or super high reload speed with some technology that does most of it automatically. Like, when you click reload before your clip ended, it will do the work for you while you can keep emptying your first magazine. Something in this direction. There’s a lot to think of.

S&S Munitions - Very high magazine capacity. Usually manufactures elemental weapons.

  • Appearance: Yellow and black, more contrast at higher material grades.
  • Marcus: "The S&S philosophy is: Tech plus Ammo Capacity equals I WIN! "
  • Marcus: “If you find that your gun just doesn’t hold enough bullets, then S&S has the solution! More bullets! All S&S guns have extended magazines.”

I’m thinking that all of their guns could “spin up”…so instead of hyperion weapons becoming more accurate the longer you hold the trigger…S&S guns would fire faster the longer you hold the trigger.

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thats also a cool idea