Chances of Cross-platform?

I haven’t seen the topic brought up in a while but is cross-platform play still off the table? Or is there a chance that might happen?


Up to Sony and Microsoft really.

Though I don’t think GBX wants cross platform with console - pc.

Don’t start console wars but also PC is too good for console apparently.


Currently no way to get around the 1-2 second mesh lag.
i.e. Rocket League

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I wouldnt want to play with PC because of rampant aimbots and memory hacking BS


So I asked and actually got an answer on it. When they were first developing the game, cross-platform was not an option, so they built MM in a way that cannot be made to go cross-platform without a major overhaul to the guts of the process.


Absolutely no chance - PCMR had to switch to pads and console pesantry would have to worsen their framerate and playerbase to maintain fairplay :wink:
As curiosity - I look at you Bird Hunt - it’d definitelly be fun, to watch. As a quality of life improvement “I see no light at the end of a tunnel” so, I bet there’s not even a will to do it within dev team.

People keep talking about hackers but in my 700h+ I’ve never felt hacking was a real problem. Ran into a few suspicious folks during my play time and most of them shortly after release. And they were only really suspicious, “good aim” isn’t enough to be good at this game.


I haven’t come across any hacking in BB PC at all.

Nooo that would be a nightmare for Battleborn. PC in general has a horrible reputation for all the available hacking methods.

Well it would take some work and money so I dont think they will try it at this point, but it is not impossible. It is just something they should have done in the first place, but looking at how they divided players between modes, and also decided on closed game format, I guess they just assumed that the game will be a great success and gather thousands of players.

Also I dont think that console players would have a big disadvantages against PC players in this game, as it has rather flat maps and it is very relaxed about aiming and hitting. The game will often miss your perfect shots, and hit shots that shouldnt hit, so it is often more about just shooting in general direction of the enemy.

As for those who dont play fair, well untill now I have only noticed one player with wallhack, and aside that only suspected one for aimbot. That is not much.


Well I mean, isn’t this what every game dev expects? ;p

When? There used to be a bug that revealed everyone pretty much forever. Don’t need wallhacks when the game itself gives you such spicy pranks.

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[quote=“reliikki, post:11, topic:1552242, full:true”]
Well I mean, isn’t this what every game dev expects? ;p
[/quote]For an online game you need to make sure that there are always some players playing it at any given time. Because of that there are so many free to play games. To design an online game in a way that limits amount of players available is something that only an absolute giant that is absolutely sure of its quality, and marketing, could do. In this case however, there was no quality, no reputation, and not even a marketing, only competition to fight for players against.

Around a month ago, after the october fix, so while I was playing Pendles if you mean that bug to reveal cloaked players then it wasnt it. Basically the enemy Ernest player always tracked me behind walls and was turned my way all the time, usually grenades already flying my way as I was sticking my nose out. That wasnt prediction, it would happen even after I stayed back for some time, no matter which direction I came out from, without other players to spot me, and it wasnt spam either, as he wouldnt fire untill I would get close so his first shots would hit me. Well, there could be something I missed or a bug, it happens in this game, but Im sure he could see me behind the walls all the time.

The bug outlined everyone, it didn’t reveal only cloaked players. I mean sure there might be wall hacks but just making sure it wasn’t just this bug.

And all the bugs with reveal and effects on Pendles… I felt bad for every pendles when I saw that happen.

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I actually think those effects are still getting stuck on him. Poor snake. Will he never get to learn what true stealth is.

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