Chances of finding this exact relic?

From farming LLM on ps3, what are the chances of finding a Skin of the Ancients with Capacity, recharge rate, shock res., and nonelemental res.? Is that a lost cause?

For certain values of lost, yes. It’s not like they don’t exist, but those dice have a lot of sides.


Damn… it is the last item i need for my Axton to complete his Arsenal. The hardest part is wondering if the next run will finally be the one.

It took a couple years before I finally found one of each of the allegiance relic types (of the two-buff rarity), for example. As I think about it, I don’t know if I’ve seen that particular Skin of the Ancients relic combo myself.

0% to my knowledge. I don’t think you can find a Skin that boost 2 shield stats. I think it is always up to 1 shield stat and up to 3 resistances. But I may be wrong.

I’m pretty sure that you can get both shield buffs, but that would also mean that you only get one resistance buff. Don’t have one in my inventory to verify it, but like I said… pretty sure!

VERY interesting, i never knew it had those limitations! Is there any source that confirms it, or is it based on your hours ofpl ay? Wish i was more knowledgeable like you guys.

I have 2 different ones that boost shield capacity and recharge rate with 2 different types of resistance, 1 with corrosive and explosive the other with corrosive and non-elemental.

I know for sure I got one from llm but the other one maybe from the snowman…it’s been a while since getting them.

I’ve gotten several of those from the snowman’s loot train over the last couple years.

As an exosive Axton, one with capacity, recharge rate, nonelemental, and explsive resistance would be nice to have.