Chances of loot for other characters dropping

Hi, this is my first BL game and I have a question about how loot works in these games. I need to farm up the legendary class mods for my FL4K build and Amara build. Do I have an increased chance of getting the mods for FL4K by playing as FL4K (or Amara’s mod by playing as Amara), or would I have just as much chance of getting a FL4K legendary class mod playing as Moze?

Doesn’t matter who are you playing, if RNGesus hates you you will always get the one you don’t want :slight_smile:

No, its RNG. I played 3 of 4 characters. Its all RNG. Not weighted like Diablo, as far as I know.

In my experience playing as Amara I get FAR more mods, skins and so on for Amara than any of the other classes.

I started getting mods for other characters once I started playing as them for example when I started my game with zane I got zane mods then when I played with amara I was getting amara and zane mods and so on