Chanes of finding an original run un patched BL2 game on xbox 360

I played the GOTYE for last 6 months. Thought it would be fun to have use a no Nerf bee shield, full power conference call, evil smasher glitch, flesh stick exploit. Anyway, deleted all my saves from hard drive, memory stick, cache, everything but my gamer profile. I never play on line. I have bought 6 used bl2 games so far and all are apparently later versions that are already patched. On first play through level 17 at the Tina quest flesh stick only gives 100 xp when I kill him. All 6 games, same thing. Does anyone know if there is a way to tell if game has been patched or not? Maybe a code or date of some kind?

While I’m not sure if it’s a guarantee, I will say that there is a slight cover variation from the first run copies and the later ones. When I bought my copy of the vanilla game, I had preordered it and bought it on day one. The cover of mine had a shiny, bronze foil look to the title and background, as opposed to the standard flat yellow. Granted, I sold mine a long time ago, so I don’t have it anymore, but it was definitely unpatched. I’ve never seen any of the shiny covers at game stores after they sold through them though.

Edit: Just found some on eBay lol.

If i am not mistaken the patch that fixed those issues were in one of the DLCs for the GOTY edition you may have to get rid of the DLCs if you want those to work.

I think that they patched the bee and flesh stick before Gaige even came out. She was before the pirate DLC, right?

My copy is original release. I could be convinced to sell it. I’m curious to see how much you’d pay for it and if that’s enough for me to sell it. I just got an xbox one and I look forward to the handsome collection. So I won’t really need it on my 360.

Edit: also, depending on which copy you use, you might also have to delete all the patches of the game from your system.

I have one of the games with the gold foil lettering on the cover like the one pictured above. I’m playing it right now. The flesh stick exploit did not work but I’m continuing on through the game to see if bee shield and conference call will. I am farming the loot midgets in the wildlife exploration area right now and they are dropping tons of legendaries. Lol. Two unkempt Harold, a bunch of legendary grenades, and a rustlers striker. Not sure how useful they at level 23 normal mode but its fun getting them. Thanks for the replies.

For those of you that have the pre sequel what’s your opinion of it compared to BL2?

I have one game with the gold foil lettering. I’m playing it right now. The flesh stick exploit did not work but I’m continuing on to see if the bee shield and cc will. I’m at level 23 in the wildlife exploration area farming loot midgets right now and they are dropping all kinds of legendary stuff. Two unkempt Harolds, a striker, and several grenades, storm front, fire leech, bonus package, fire bees. Way more stuff than I remember dropping on GOTYE. Thanks for the replies.

I played the hell out of BL2; I put in hundreds of hours. I played through TPS once and was already bored with it. It just didn’t feel like Borderlands to me. In fairness, I did like hearing Jack’s side of things and it made me like him even more. I consider him one of my favorite game villains of all-time. The game itself was just lacking for me.

Can’t really compare it to borderlands 2. It has alot of similarities. But it is its own game. As a borderlands game it’s great. Its got every thing you could want out of a borderlands game. Awesome enemies, loot, characters, and places to explore.